Something More

Today’s announcement by the New Brunswick Government was the first step back toward normality after the horrific COVID-19 pandemic.

Seeing golf courses across the “Picture Province” being allowed to open means something more this season.

You see the sport of golf means so much to so many people across this region.

So many courses and the industry in general have struggled recently.

The game that so many of us love has drastically changed over the past decade.

Competitive tournament participation have seen their numbers plummet while the die hard golfing community and lifelong members want their regular tee times etched in stone.

Courses across the region drastically search for cooperate participation to ensure financial gain and stability while constantly catering and caring for the lifeblood to their courses, their members.

Unfortunately by financial gain that often means trying to stay above water or just breaking even.

That balancing act will take on an entirely new complexion this season.

If there was ever a time to support your local golf course it would be now.

The game that means so much to so many will no doubt mean something more this spring.

The games very existence may depend on it.

The cold spring mornings which welcome all of the courses die hard “morning crews” give way to amazing afternoons and refreshingly cold and brisk evenings.

As the days get longer and longer our passion and love for the game continues to return and grow.

Our overall game might be slow to return, and may not be what we expected, but there’s really nothing like seeing the course transform in front of our very eyes day after day during the spring time.

The green grass, the budding trees, and spring sunshine fills us all with hope and warmth.

Our individual golf courses become our sanctuary, our second home.

The warm of community that is ever so present at our home courses will still be there this spring, but it may look and feel differently.

There’s nothing like spring golf.

There’s nothing like putting the peg in the ground and feeling the ball compress off the driver for the first time.

A return to golf is a rite of passage.

The love affair returns.

The game that means so much to so many, but at the heart of any course is the people.

Saying hello to old friends and playing partners along the way will be difficult and awkward this year, but the golf community will find a way.

We also honour those dear friends and playing companions that we may have lost over the winter months.

The golf course becomes our social network, our outlet, our oasis.

Spring in New Brunswick means the return of golf, the return of our beloved sport, pastime and for some a gratifying addiction, but this year it means something more, a return to normalcy.

As the years go by the game has an unique way of taking on new meaning in our lives, but this Spring it will mean something more to everyone.

Stay safe, social distance, take the steering off, turn your shoulders, hit down on it, hit it straight, but most importantly support all of our courses.

The golf community is in this together, just like all of us.

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