Along the Way

If you are fortunate enough along the way in the game of golf, you will meet and be inspired by some amazing people.

It might be by chance or fate or even by design, but golf like no other game lends itself to building unforgettable and incredibly impactful lifelong relationships.

Painting by Mark Little

Throughout its history the game of golf has had its share of icons that are larger than life; that transcend the very essence of the game. 

In the Maritimes that golfing icon is none other than Country Meadows own Doug Sullivan. 

For over seven decades Doug Sullivan has played and taught the game he loves and on Wednesday July 17th pro’s and amateurs alike will converge on “The Meadows” to honour Sullivan’s impact on the game, and the pro tour in our region. 

A Journey to Inspire

From his early days in Lennoxville, Quebec to his days in St. Thomas and London, Ontario as an Assistant Pro, to Bathurst and then on to Moncton, Sullivan refined and perfected his teaching philosophy, built lifelong relationships, mentored hundreds while playing at an elite level on the pro circuit. 

Doug Sullivan has truly done it all. 

“The Old Pro” from Lennoxville has never forgotten his roots in the game and has always believed in making the game accessible for everyone. 

You see that’s been the driving force behind Sullivan’s amazingly unique career.

Quite simply Doug Sullivan is a compassionate golfing visionary.

Sullivan gave an entirely new meaning to the word “builder” when he designed and created his own “field of dreams” on Catamount Rd.

“If You Build It, They Will Come”

Country Meadows has been a “field of dreams” for many golfers and their families spanning four decades. 

It wasn’t easy, but nothing is when it comes to the game of golf. Sullivan’s dream became a reality in the early 1970’s. “The Old Pro” turned architect.

“The Meadows” embodies everything that Doug Sullivan believes the game should be. A course that offers different elements of the game to everyone of its patrons. 

At “The Meadows” everyone feels welcome, part of the process, hence part of the family.

Sullivan and his family continue to pour their heart and soul into the course.

Country Meadows has produced some of regions finest junior and amateur golfers and over the years has seen many different transformations. 2019 marks the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the 18 Hole Championship Course.

Sullivan’s efforts to grow the game have always been built on the foundation of his generosity, character, personality and extraordinary friendly demeanor.  

From a kind smile to a firm welcoming handshake, everyone feels at ease when they first arrive at “The Meadows” and meet the golfing legend. 

When it comes to pro golfers, Doug Sullivan is a pro’s pro, but he’s a true pro at building deep and meaningful relationships and friendships that last a lifetime. That’s what makes Sullivan so special to so many people. 

A Lasting Legacy 

It’s not by chance or fate, Doug Sullivan is an inspiration. 

His passion for the game, zest for life and unwavering work ethic has always fuelled his journey.

Doug Sullivan has used the golf swing to teach all of us about life. 

Sometimes we have to rebuild it, sometimes it simply needs more work, sometimes we just have to trust it, but along the way we all have to “just hit it and go hit it again.”

There’s no secret formula to success in the game of golf and life, you just have to work hard, and that’s what Doug Sullivan has modelled throughout his entire teaching and competitive playing career. 

Sullivan has taught beginners to the games brightest stars from this region, but through it all, one word comes up time and time again. “Ambition.”

“You just have to have ambition,” confesses Sullivan. 

Simplistic, poignant and always impactful, that’s Doug Sullivan, the pro, the person and the legacy. 

Along the way if you are fortunate enough in the game of golf you will have the honor and privilege of meeting, playing with and ultimately being inspired by some amazing people, hopefully it’s been Doug Sullivan.


  1. Well said Craig. Doug has not only been my Golf pro. Teaching me some of his old saying. “Don’t try to kill the ball it’s already dead”. 😆 He is a get friend, he is also like a father to me. Doug is also my employer and my dearest neighbor. Words can’t tell how much admiration and respect for this man.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great job Craig, very well written. We are so fortunate to have a owner, golf pro and especially a fantastic, funny gentleman and friend to play golf with and chat to each and every day.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Doug is truly amazing, a true hero in the game of golf and in life. I can’t thank him enough for the lessons he has taught me both on an off the course.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Craig , you nailed it. Everything you said is so so true . He is an inspiration to us all . He is Mr Meadows . I’m so grateful to say I have played with him and know him .

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve known Doug for 40 plus years. His work ethic initially impressed me. He built his golf course, hole by hole. After finishing the first 9 holes he decided a second nine was logical and essential. His approach to teaching was simple and uncluttered and easy to understand. He volunteered to teach at Junior clinics organized by the NBGA without hesitation.. Hard to find a more committed golf professional servicing all facets of the sport. A well deserved recognition.👍👍


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