Let The Legend Grow

Doug Sullivan is a golfing legend, there’s just no other way to put it. For six decades Sullivan has taught the game he loves. 

The Maritime golfing icon has never forgotten his roots, which has been the driving force behind his amazing career. 

On November 6th, 2019 the legend grows. 

Doug Sullivan will be inducted into the Atlantic CPGA Hall of Fame. 

The pride of Lennoxville, Quebec has never craved the spotlight or the countless accolades bestowed upon him in the past or present. 

For Sullivan it’s always been about the game, the hours on the range refining his swing to the golfer than needed a helping hand, to the hours behind the scenes of his beloved masterpiece Country Meadows. 

Nevertheless, this honour is certainly fitting when looking at his monumental golf career and what he has done to grow the game in this region. 

From his early days in Quebec to his days in St. Thomas and London, Ontario as an Assistant Pro, to Bathurst and then on to Moncton, Sullivan refined and perfected his teaching philosophy, built lifelong relationships while mentoring hundreds and playing at an elite level on the pro circuit. 

Doug Sullivan truly has done it all when it comes to the game of golf.

“The Old Pro” has never forgotten the impact the game can have on people’s lives. 

Sullivan has essentially dedicated his life to the game and has always believed in making golf accessible for everyone. 

You see that’s been the driving force behind Sullivan’s amazingly unique career and longevity in the game of golf.

Quite simply Doug Sullivan is a compassionate golfing visionary.

Sullivan gave an entirely new meaning to the word “builder” when he designed and created his own “field of dreams” on Catamount Rd.

Country Meadows has been a “field of dreams” for many golfers and their families spanning four decades. 

“The Meadows” embodies everything that Sullivan believes the game should be. A course that offers different elements of the game to everyone of its patrons. 

At “The Meadows” everyone feels welcome, part of the process, hence part of the family.

Sullivan and his family continue to pour their heart and soul into the course. Country Meadows has produced some of regions finest golfers and over the years has seen many different transformations. 

2019 marked the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the 18 Hole Championship Course.

Sullivan’s efforts to grow the game have always been built on the foundation of his generosity, character, personality and extraordinary friendly demeanor.  

From a kind smile to a firm welcoming handshake, everyone feels at ease when they first arrive at “The Meadows” and meet the golfing legend. 

When it comes to pro golfers, Doug Sullivan is a pro’s pro, but he’s a true pro at building deep and meaningful relationships and friendships. 

That’s what makes Sullivan so special to so many people. 

It’s not by chance or fate, Doug Sullivan is an inspiration. 

His passion for the game, zest for life and unwavering work ethic has always fuelled his journey.

Sullivan has used the golf swing to teach all of us about life. Sometimes we have to rebuild it, sometimes it simply needs more work, sometimes we just have to trust it, but along the way we all have to “just hit it and go hit it again.”

There’s no secret formula to success in the game of golf and life, you just have to work hard, and that’s what Doug Sullivan has modeled throughout his entire playing and teaching career. 

“The Old Pro” has taught beginners to the games brightest stars from this region, but through it all, one word comes up time and time again. “Ambition.”

“You just have to have ambition,” confesses Sullivan. 

Simplistic, poignant and always impactful, that’s Doug Sullivan, the pro, the person and the legend. 

On November 6th, 2019 the legend will continue to grow. 

Last week I summoned the local golfing community to share their personal insight on Doug, his impact on them personally and the game in the region.  

Here are some of the comments that were shared. 

“I have been amazed by his drive for so many years. Some of us take on a task and can apply ourselves for a certain length of time, maybe a few months or a few years. He has been able to do what he does with the support of a few people for a lifetime.” David K. 

I rely on many foundational elements to the swing the Doug taught us but his impact goes far beyond swing thoughts and lessons. He taught us etiquette and how to be considerate on the course. Two things that carry through into my day to day life that I’ll forever be grateful for

Greg B.

Doug would, through the years, offer, at times, great advice on my golf swing to allow me to improve.  While sitting on the deck at the course one day years ago having a cold pop amongst fellow golfers someone asked me what my handicap was.  I answered 9(since gone upwards a tad since lol) Doug overheard the question and my answer to the kind fellow.  I then heard Doug say; “best swing I ever saw from a 9 handicapper.”  This coming from the lips of a lifetime time member of the CPGA made the hair on my neck stand up!  Doug silently teaches how to be kind, sincere and, by example, shows us all how to behave with the upmost of integrity.  I’m blessed to have the chance to get to know him and enjoy playing the course he built with, truly, his hands, mind and soul!  Doug has cemented in me my true passion for the game I love!

John M

Watching Doug shoot his age 72 at Country Meadows showed me that good golf has no age restrictions.

Richard L.

Back in the early years at Country Meadows (Catamount Park back then) my mother Roberta Richardson was getting a golf lesson from Doug. In frustration my mother said she was going to quit golf and take up tennis………after a short pause Doug at his sarcastic best looked her in the eye and said ” in Tennis the ball is moving when you hit it……after an extended period of laughter by the both of them the lesson resumed

Steven R.

My daughter, Alexandra LeBlanc, never would have gotten a Full Ride scholarship to play NCAA Division 1 golf in the USA, without being her coach. She played 1 year in Florida, and 3 years in Detroit. THANK YOU, DOUG

Perry L

Doug is so knowledgeable about the golf swing and the golf business! I love to sit and listen to Doug tell golf stories? He is an amazing gentleman!

Bari G.



Darren R

Doug taught every man in our house how to play – 4 boys in the early 90s and my dad 25 years before that. His calm and patient demeanour made it easy to learn what can be a very frustrating game.

My favourite memory is watching Doug teach us juniors not  over swing. He would take a 5 or 7, hold it with a thumb and two fingers in each hand, and then hit the ball beautifully, and dead straight.

Mark B 

This isn’t line dancing… why you moving your feet so much.

Dennis B

If you don’t like where your ball is you shouldn’t have hit it there.

Seriously the man loves the game and he loves to teach others and see them enjoy the game he loves so much.  He has created a place where everyone who  wants to play is welcome.  Walking into the clubhouse and seeing Doug is like going home.

Sonja H.

Doug Sullivan is a golf mentor. Great friend. Always makes me feel at home and takes time to speak with me every time I see him

Michael S.

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