Our Team

Wray Dunn (@WDunn6) – CEO/Host/Producer/Writer
Andy Jardine (@AndyJardine1) – Chief Editor/Host/Producer/Writer
Craig Eagles () – Lead Sports Writer(Local)/Host (FDS Quick Shift)

Gini Bourque (@GiniB2) – Sound/Audio/Video/Reporter
Denis Doiron (@DenisDoiron45) – Lead Local Sports Writer

Mike Hallihan (@MikeHallihan) – Writer/Host(FDS Hoops)
Wray Perkin – (@WrayPerkin) – CFL Writer/Insider
Nikki Dunn – Creator of First Down Sports Logo

I never thought that when started this podcast that I would get to work with so many great people, it all started with an idea from my wife and part of the team GiniB. Then the first recording took place with Serge “The Original” Leblanc!! I have had so much support in this project starting with Curtis “Cut Man” Stickland, who introduced me to the idea of recording LIVE from the Fox n Hound. Jeff Wood, sat in with us on many of those live shows, Jason DeRoche, was running our sound on those live shows as well and both of those guys know how tough this was on a weekly basis. My Brother Chris has played a huge role in this podcast as well, he wasn’t sure on it from the start but after a sub in one night, he caught the bug and helped take this show in new directions with the FB Live and our venture into multiple sports. My Brother Nick came on and took on a role of sound and on air personality and trust me that kid is “Dunn Right”! Then Chris had the idea of bringing on Andy Jardine….. Andy was all hands on deck from the start and has helped pushed this podcast to new directions, I didn’t even think were possible with our Local Sports and CFL coverage.

I am very lucky to have such a strong connection with all these people as they have help put FDS on the map in Moncton!! I know I am not the easiest to work with at times but a HUGE Thanks to all of you!!!

Wray Dunn – Host