Andy Jardine

Andy met the Dunn brothers back in 2006 when he worked with Chris and Wray at RBC. He had his first encounter with Nick when he ventured to Buffalo with Chris and some friends to attend a Bills/Browns Monday Night Football matchup. It was certainly a pleasure for him to watch the Browns break the hearts of everyone in Ralph Wilson Stadium.

A die-hard Cleveland Browns fan to the point of near insanity, he spends the rest of his sports fan tears on the Toronto Blue Jays and Raptors. He grew up a Calgary Flames fan but has since developed admiration for the Winnipeg Jets as well.

Andy’s logical, facts based and approach to discussing/debating sports is often viewed as “hating”, especially when the topic is the Buffalo Bills or Sabres, and the other half of that conversation is Chris. He is also a co-founder and/or contributor on and

Andy moved from Toronto back to the Maritimes where he belongs in June 2017, when he joined the team as a producer and on air personality in studio. He occasionally joined the show remotely from Toronto prior to that.Andy Jardine