Trade Deadline Day 2009

In 2009, my girl friend (now wife) travelled down to Boston during our March Break.

It just so happened that our last day in Boston fell on NHL Trade Deadline Day.  

Rumours had been swirling around the Bruins and believe it or not Patrice Bergeron was the one name that kept coming up over and over again. 

We had gone to the game the night before which the Bruins turned in a subpar performance/effort and lost. I woke up early and decided before making the trek back to Moncton, New Brunswick that I would make the twenty-minute drive from where we were staying to Ristuccia Memorial Arena in hopes of getting some autographs and pictures.

It just so happened that the first car that pulled into the parking lot after I arrived was Patrice Bergeron and his brother.

 I assume it would have been a quiet drive to the rink that morning on deadline day for the Bergeron family.  Patrice was gracious enough with his time to sign a quick autograph and pose for a picture. 

Later that afternoon on our way home, I was frantically surfing the various sports radio shows in the Massachusetts area to see what moves the Bruins actually made, hoping that they didn’t move Bergeron. 

Finally after what seemed an eternity searching through the entire dial, I heard music to my ears. “The Bruins pick up veteran Mark Recchi from Tampa Bay for Martin Karsums and Matt Lashoff.” 

I will never forget my wife’s reaction that day in the car after I yelled out loud, “Yes, that’s a great deal.”  

Well part of me was sad to see former Moncton Wildcats Marty Karsums go to Tampa, but I knew the Bruins were getting a proven champion in Mark Recchi. 

Fast-forward to 2017, an hour and half before the Charlottetown Islanders were going to take on the rebuilding Moncton Wildcats.

I overheard a local reporter who was doing a feature on Pittsburgh Penguin prospect Daniel Sprong.

He had mentioned to her that the Penguin’s were in the house. 

That meant only one thing; Mark Recchi was going to be in the building. 

The other reporter was a little apprehensive in seeking out Recchi for her feature so being a massive B’s fan I jumped on the opportunity to potentially get to an interview with the hockey legend. 

Ironically, I found the future hall of famer talking with a security guard at the main entrance lobby of the Coliseum. 

The security guard admitted that this was her first night on the job and was directing Recchi to go purchase a game ticket at the box office. He was just about ready to walk back out of the rink and go to the box office to purchase a ticket before I quickly introduced myself and guided the former Bruin forward over to the sign in area for scouts and other VIP’s.

As we walked into the main concourse of the arena, I asked Mark if he would be able to give me and the other report some time for an interview; he agreed to do both.

I couldn’t believe it, I was going to interview 4 x Stanley Cup Champion Mark Recchi.

For those close to the game they might question 4x Cup Champion? 

Recchi was part of the organization for the latest Penguins Stanley Cup victory as well.

After the interview, Recchi and I spoke candidly for about twenty minutes where I shared the same trade deadline story with him.

Photo Credit Getty Images

It’s amazing to think that on that day in 2009, the Bruins were rumoured to be shopping a great young talent, but instead chose a mentor for Bergeron and well, the rest is history!

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