Here’s our CFL Power Rankings following week 5 brought to you by Moose Light and Doyle Corporate Image! Things are starting to clear up!

cfl power ranks week 5.png
Wray’s Quick Take

Winnipeg continues its winning streak and remains number 1. Last week, many CFL fans gave me crap for moving Edmonton into the 2nd spot on a bye week. Well Harris and the boys proved they should be everyone’s #2 right now. Hamilton gets a big jump in my standings as they had a very impressive win over Calgary, and even though they just got by facing a back up quarterback, I will give them my 3 spot this week. Montreal has another impressive win on the road in Ottawa and it’s hard not to move them further up my power rankings, but, I am trying not to “over react” as Andy calls it!!!

Andy’s Quick Take

My rankings looked a little wonky last week, partly because I refused to move Edmonton up a spot after a bye. Well they earned that spot in week 5 with a dominating road win in BC. Hamilton jumps 2 spots to be slotted ahead of Calgary after that gritty Saturday night victory. And now, to right my biggest wrong from last week… I wasn’t sold on Montreal enough to move them at all, let alone ahead of BC who they’d just beat. Well after an awesome road win in Ottawa, which was quickly followed by the firing of GM Kavis Reed, they are the hottest moving team on my list. To fire a GM after 2 solid wins means he was a big part of the problem, and had little to nothing to do with the solution. Go Als!

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