Five Decades of Memories at Country Meadows

The first word that comes to mind when many people turn left and start down Catamount Rd, is home. When you’re at home, you’re surrounded by family. When you’re at home, all of your friends are welcome. Everyone is welcome to be themselves.

No matter who you are, where you came from, you were always made to feel right at home as soon as you stepped foot on the property and clubhouse. Country Meadows is home for so many people for so many different reasons.

Some 50 years later, it’s ironic to look back and see just how far one man and their family’s vision could impact a membership and the golfing community.

Doug Sullivan’s fierce passion for the game of golf and his creation Country Meadows, has been matched and potentially surpassed by the loyalty of all of the people that call Country Meadows home. No one said being a visionary would be easy, especially when the vision or plan is firmly entrenched or perhaps even locked away in the mind of one Doug Sullivan.

Convincing even diehard followers or critics that any project is for the betterment of the course and its members for the long run is a never-ending endeavor.

You see Sullivan built the Meadows with the same conviction he’s taught and built the golf swings of thousands of people over the years.

Conviction, passion, drive and persistence. That’s Doug Sullivan and that’s exactly what has made Country Meadows so unique.

It’s been 50 years since, “The Old Pro” took the leap of faith to purchase the land and break ground.

In the early days, resistance surfaced at every turn. Since the very beginning, Doug Sullivan’s vision was always called into question.

Painting By Marc Little

At one point in the process the definition of a golf course was even called into question by a golfing community in the Moncton region that no doubt feared something new.

The NBGA had caught wind that “Country Meadows” shouldn’t even be considered a golf course. One phone call, an invite and subsequent visit to the property changed that perspective almost instantly. Sullivan continued to design and create his own “field of dreams” on Catamount Rd.

Country Meadows has been a “field of dreams” for many golfers and their families spanning five decades. The course embodies everything that Sullivan believes the game should be. A course that offers different elements of the game to every one of its patrons.

Sullivan has essentially dedicated his life to the game and has always believed in making golf accessible for everyone. You see that’s been the driving force behind Sullivan’s amazingly unique career and longevity in the game of golf and the business.

“The Old Pro” has never forgotten the impact the game and an accessible place to play can have on people’s lives.

It’s not by chance or fate, Doug Sullivan is an inspiration. His passion for the game, zest for life and unwavering work ethic has always fueled his journey and vision of Country Meadows.

Sullivan, his family, the entire staff and membership will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Country Meadows this year. Come out and join in on all of the fun and 50th Anniversary festivities.

For more information on events or to book tee times call (506) 858-8909.


  1. Absolutely well written. Doug has worked so hard over the years. I remember many years ago the famous “rock picking parties”.After we worked hard Doug filled the tractor bucket with cold refreshments for us.


  2. Doug is an inspiration to the game and we all as family started out at his golf course my first membership when it first opened tks Doug


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