There Will Come a Time

There Will Come a Time

There will come a time that the star of the show or the dressing room loud mouth bully will be put in their place.

There will come a time that the entitled star that has received preferential treatment throughout their path in the game will come crashing down to reality.

We all have been told about the 10% rule.

10% of people you meet in every walk of life will be arseholes.

I’m not sure about your stance on that rule, or if you have had similar experiences, but I’m sure at some point every player that has ever laced them up has experienced shitty dressing room culture and a player or players that run or believe they run the room. Now there’s true leaders that run the room properly and then there’s the fake leaders that give off inauthentic leadership qualities. On the surface and from a far they appear to be leaders, but deep down they are manipulators and on many occasions, bullies.

Their actions are subtle and almost have an air of sneakiness. They say all the things and do all the things at the right times or in front of the right people, but behind the scenes that’s when their true colours appear and not do they ever shine.

Obviously, every player and person can change and in the case of the sneaky deceptive faux leader, let’s hope they can figure it out sooner rather than later, because if they don’t their time will come.

Faux leadership can be sniffed out from a mile away by many hockey minds at the upper echelons of the game. Ironically in some situations some people or organizations still can’t sniff that out until it’s too late.

True leadership is incredibly difficult to find. Faux leadership is quite common which is really sad given the climate of the game and dressing room culture which by all accounts is getting worse instead of better.

In some cases all it would take is one person or a teammate to stand up to the faux leaders (loud mouth, entitled, bully) to put them in their place. Sadly that never happens because of the hierarchy of the room and the lack of awareness from the coaching staff. In many cases the coaches are the first to be tricked by the “faux leaders “f&$kery” or in the worse case scenarios the coach or coaches endorses the behaviour and knows full well that it is happening in hopes of “toughing up” the room.

Don’t worry there’s hope, well at least I hope so, because there will come a time that the faux leaders and all the dressing room bullies will get exposed for what they truly are, immature entitled kids that need to keep their mouths shut and just play the game and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

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