I Was Wrong

I was wrong.
I screwed up.
Yesterday I reported that Gordie Dwyer was the front runner for the vacant Head Coach position in Cape Breton. I had two sources so I wrote the story.
I screwed up, I made a mistake and
I rushed it.

Ten minutes after hitting the publish button, another source said that they had heard Dwyer’s name as well.
About three minutes after that message I received a message from another source asking if I was sure about my reporting. About an hour after that message I received another message from a different source asking me the same question.
Then another source reached out informing me of my mistake.
The three of the four sources that had reached out to me after publishing the story had the name of the Eagles coach, which the organization announced late last night.
As soon as I received those messages I should have updated the story or admitted I had made a mistake. I didn’t, which was another mistake.
The information I received prior to writing the story was solid from very good sources, this isn’t on them at all, it’s on me, I rushed the process, I should have let it play out more or have done some more digging.
During this year’s QMJHL Draft coverage on Eastlink, I had one source reporting that Oscar Plandowski was potentially going to get moved to Drummondville. I hinted toward the trade, but didn’t say it on air because I only had one source. When the trade was finalized and revealed on air I was wrong in my assumption. Obviously, the trade to the Volts was made the next day, but in that moment I learned a valuable lesson, just like I learned a valuable lesson yesterday as well. Building trust in the game of hockey is everything. Building trust amongst those that follow or read my content is critical. I’m sorry if I misled anyone yesterday, because that was never my intention. I made a mistake in my reporting and for that I’m sorry.
I’m thankful to have people in the hockey world looking out for me especially after making a mistake.
To have people reach out after reporting to try to help me right a wrong means a lot.

One comment

  1. Craig, I really appreciate what you do, the insights you provide and the excitement it generates….Gordie Dwyer would have been a natural fit for my Eagles….I’m sure your sources are good and reliable ….sometimes things just seem to come out of thin air. So don’t feel bad .

    Oh and by the way can you comment on the Eagles new coach and circumstances around his leaving Baie Comeau ?



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