Blueprint To Bedlam: Saint John Sea Dogs Go Back to the Drawing Board Yet Again

How many times can you retool a roster or build a team and follow a blueprint?

That’s a question for the Saint John Sea Dogs President and General Manager Trevor Georgie and the rest of the organizations brain trust.

Photo Credit Saint John Sea Dogs

For the answer to that question and more one only has to look a the historical breakdown of the organization and decisions made over the last several years. By all accounts Georgie had finally found his man in Gordie Dwyer. If you’re into analytics, the numbers were impressive when the Sea Dogs had followed their “blueprint” during the trade period to build an impressive championship caliber team. Gordie Dwyer managed that group extremely well. Actually he had them rolling until the beginning of the President Cup Playoffs.

We all know what happened to the Sea Dogs in the 1st round, what’s really interesting is what happened after a devastating Game 5 OT loss to the upstart Rimouski Oceanic.

Multiple sources have confirmed Sea Dogs owner Scott McCain addressed the team after the shocking loss.

Obviously, firing a coach of a Memorial Cup host team a few weeks before the tournament isn’t part of anyone’s original blueprint.

Gordie Dwyer did a fantastic coaching a group of kids assembled at the mid way point of the season. Dwyer is an exceptional coach who did a great job balancing a deep talented team.

Everyone will look at the 1st round upset and point to the failure. Perhaps critics should look at the blueprint for answers to the questions.

Multiple sources have confirmed longtime UNB Head Coach Gardiner MacDougall is next in line to become the Sea Dogs interim Head Coach for the Memorial Cup tournament.

It’s back to the drawing board for the Saint John Sea Dogs. The Port City and the Sea Dogs loyal knowledgeable fans hope the search for a true hockey architect is in the works to finally fix the “blueprint” once and for all.

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