Now Isn’t The Time for Trade Rumours

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but now isn’t the time for trade rumours!

Speculation and rumours are circulating about “big trades” now that some QMJHL teams have been eliminated from the playoff picture. To comment on the buzz or potential trades on social media in a public forum when kids are involved when the season is still ongoing is quite something. Obviously, private discussions take place all the time in the hockey world. Those conversations are supposed to be off the record, but now a days like everything else some things leak like a sieve.

Everyone in the journalistic world wants to be first on a story or get the massive scoop, but holy shit they are just kids and their season has just ended or is still ongoing if they are in the thick in the playoff run. You would think in this day and age with everything we know about the mental side of the game and the adversity everyone has dealt with over the last two and half years that people would understand the potential negative effects of releasing classified information at this time of the season.

The take that “these players” are old enough to handle the “business side” of the game is total horse shit. These players are just kids, they have formed lifelong bonds with their billet families and communities that they have called home for a long time and for someone to comment on their potential new destination within the league at this time is wrong on a lot of levels.

Clearly we are all aware of how QMJHL trades work and that things usually heat up around draft time, because of the trade period opening up, but again now is certainly not the time to speculate, comment or hint about anything going back “the other way” or big trades coming out.

The boards are the boards, they are quite something to behold in there own right, but spreading rumours right now isn’t about drawing attention or showcasing the league, It isn’t about bringing excitement to a certain organization set to make a run at a championship caliber roster of their own, it might all come down to trying to be first on a story, or trying to get a scoop. Is it about getting some likes and retweets? I guess people have to ask yourself what the value of likes and retweets are these days. To each their own I guess.

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