Why Bother Asking The Tough Questions?

Don’t bother asking the tough questions, everyone knows no one is willing to answer them.

The search for the truth usually lies behind or underneath so much rhetoric that it doesn’t make sense to those that really know the game, but it makes perfect sense to the people that are in essence trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes.

As George Costanza once said, It’s Not A Lie If You Believe It.”

Why search for the truth on a certain subject area when it’s clearly going to unravel in front of our own eyes.

A well worded press release seems to be enough these days to warrant an answer and cause people to ignore the obvious and simply move on.

Misleading, misguided and full of holes, very few ever really ask the tough questions anymore. Maybe they already know the answers, perhaps they just want to wait and see how everything will play out, then write about the fallout.

The search for the real story is often buried so deep it’s almost forgotten instantly, well that’s what it’s intended to do anyway.

“Oh well, that’s just the business side of the game.”

Well we all know in many instances the business side is way off side.

Don’t bother asking the tough questions, let’s face they themselves have no clue how to answer them.

Where’s the truth, where’s the honesty? Is it coverup or deception?

Would you ask the tough questions or just ignore it and move on?

The story will be written, the game will be played. The truth will be told when the tough questions are asked and finally answered.

All of that will just take time.

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