A Player to Watch: Carter Bromley

Extremely skilled, crafty, agile, smart and fast as lightning. That’s exactly what Carter Bromley brings to his team and the game every time he steps on the ice.
Obviously, the proud Newfoundlander isn’t the tallest player on the ice and that’s perfectly ok because he plays the game the right way no matter what.
Bromley is a strong natural skater with tremendous edge work. He’s the type of player that could skate for days. This 2007 born winger’s puck skills, hockey IQ and skating ability are definitely his strongest attributes and will serve him extremely well at the U-18 level and beyond.

Some scouts and organizations may overlook his talents due to his size, but Bromley makes great things happen every time he’s on the ice.
His instincts for the game are exceptional. His compete level, shot and two-way gritty style of play jumps off the page.
Hockey’s double standard regarding diminutive skilled players unfortunately still exists. Some critics might suggest or claim that players of Bromley’s stature are “too small” to make an impact. Carter Bromley and countless other young dynamic players across the hockey world are confronting that archaic standard head on and proving all the critics wrong.
Newfoundland’s Carter Bromley is a player to watch!

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