All We Can Do Is Hope

All We Can Do Is Hope

Saying minor hockey or any level for that matter is in amazing place right now is bold face lie.

In many ways the game we all love and adore needs to drastically change but you know what the same thing can be said for any sport. We see it as a hockey problem, but it’s a grassroots sports problem.

Just the other day I saw a young player point to the score board after a pushing and shoving match after the whistle. The game was way out of hand, but you see things like that should never happen no matter what, especially given the circumstances, but it still took place. When players point at the scoreboard it’s extremely cringeworthy, but you know what it’s those teaching moments that could potentially change everything for that player and both teams on the ice and for every person in that arena. If their actions are corrected right away and explained why it’s not appropriate and how it disrespects the game itself those kids on that ice or in the stands would never think of doing something like that again.

All we can do is hope, someone or a collective group of people continue to correct, promote and illicit quality change within the game.

Is that happening right now across the hockey world? Sadly, I’m not sure it is, because everyone’s perspective on the game and the events within it are incredibly different and forged with their own personal experiences. Those personal experiences are often mould unique personal hockey philosophies.

We all know what’s right from wrong when it comes to the game or do we?

As soon as that young player raised his arm and hand to point to the scoreboard, that’s when things quickly got out of hand. That’s when the yelling started all over the rink, but that’s when things needed to be corrected instantly.

Every time something like that happens it hurts the very essence and fabric of the game.

Clearly we don’t know what was said in the heat of the moment between those players and they were just kids. In that moment all we can do is hope someone on the benches or on the drive home or in the stands uses that young kids misguided mistake in the moment as a teachable hockey moment.

Obviously, the game is changing over time, just like everything else, but isn’t it paramount to protect the integrity of the game?

Pointing to the clock up by a ton of goals is just one event in a laundry list of events the game and everyone within it needs to address, discuss and somehow eliminate from the game before it hurts the sanctity of the sport itself.

I guess all we can do is hope.

Everyone’s vision and purpose of the game of hockey is unique and that’s probably exactly why we have so much controversy within it.

The game we all love and cherish is ever changing, I guess all we can do is hope it’s changing for the better.

See you rink,

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