A Player to Watch: Ty Peddigrew

It’s hard not notice Ty Peddigrew. The proud Newfoundlander does something special every time he steps on the ice.

Skill, speed, finesse, grit, great vision and hockey IQ. This kid can really do it all.

Obviously, it’s extremely early in the developmental process, but this 2007 born forward is incredibly dynamic. Peddigrew reads the ice exceptionally well and creates time and space for himself and others with relative ease.

You see Ty Peddigrew is the type of kid and player that always seems to elevate his game or style of the play and excel no matter what challenge, competition or obstacles that confronts him.

Peddigrew simply finds away to be dominant, because he’s a dominant player and force to be reckoned with.

Peddigrew can beat you with every aspect of his game. When the opposition specifically game plans against him he just finds a way to get it done and surpass expectations.

Simply put, Ty Peddigrew is a game breaker.

Over the years especially in recent years “The Rock” has produced some amazingly talented forwards that have reached incredible heights within the game. That trend continues with the likes of Ty Peddigrew.

Ty Peddigrew is a player to watch for a plethora of reasons, but the most important aspect of all is his ability and willingness to pass the puck, he passes the puck, shares the wealth. You can tell he takes a lot of pride in being a playmaker first and lethal sniper second which is a rare commodity these days.

Peddigrew plays the game at top speed every time out, he can change the pace of his game or the overall game at any point. You want to know what the scariest thing is, he’s only going to keep getting faster and faster!

Like any young dynamic player Peddigrew will have to get stronger from an upper body perspective to ensure he can win battles in all three zones in the next level and beyond which will happen naturally with the maturation process.

Ty Peddigrew is definitely a player to watch!

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