A Player to Watch: Jackson Shaddick

Jackson Shaddick can flat out play the game. Shift in, shift out, Shaddick plays the game the right way. The 2007 born winger is a gritty highly skilled creative player with tremendous hockey IQ. He possesses an highly accurate release and doesn’t shy away from the dirty areas of the ice. There’s no doubt Shaddick can excel at the U-18 level and beyond.

His compete level is as high as his skill level which is an extremely rare combination to possess. Nevertheless, Jackson Shaddick will be overlooked by many because of hockey’s ongoing double standard.

You see hockey’s double standard happens at every level to a certain extent. The diminutive skilled player that can skate like the wind and make plays every time they touch the ice are still being undervalued and unappreciated. Organizations and hockey people can say they value them all day long, but when push comes to shove, some in the hockey world want nothing to do with “small players.”

There’s no question Shaddick can be an highly effective Top 6 forward at the junior level. Simply put he’s relentless. Every time he’s on the ice you know exactly what you’re going o get. Jackson Shaddick is driven to prove all the hockey critics wrong that believe there’s no place in the game for small ultra skilled players.

Obviously, he will have to continue to get stronger to ensure he wins his share of board battles at the next level and beyond which will happen naturally as he continues to develop and grow.

Photo Credit Jordan Prinder Photography

Jackson Shaddick’s future is extremely bright. He’s definitely a player to watch. Perhaps the only thing that will hold him back is hockey’s double standard and the people or organizations that believe it in.

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