“Less Things Said, Easier Mended”

I never heard my grandmother (God rest her soul) ever say her favourite quote. I was probably too young to realize, or perhaps she didn’t dare say it around us kids. She did have a temper, I never saw it, I only heard about it, but I’ve heard my parents use her quote quite a bit in the last few years, especially given the division we have had or witnessed the last two and half years. 

“Less said, easier mended.”

When I first started writing for FDS, I had a definite goal in mind. I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to showcase every side of the game. I wanted to put a spotlight on local sports coverage. I wanted to produce quality content. As my journey with FDS continues, I’ve realized that my grandmother’s quote is extremely accurate especially in the hockey world given its well-known cultural shortcomings. I had one hockey lifer tell me recently that they share the articles with others quite a bit. They went on to say that even if people don’t always agree with what’s being written or said that there’s always a message behind the articles. That compliment meant the world to me. That’s why I write. That’s the purpose. 

Over the past few years I have found myself at a crossroads several times wanting to step away and take a break. That never happened, I always felt compelled to write something, to make sure the aforementioned spotlight was always left on and shining bright on players, their stories and the game itself. I’ve hit the backspace or delete button on a lot of articles over the last few years. I’ve wanted to write a lot of stories that I just can’t write and believe it or not, that’s ok. 

I’m not as torn about that like I was in the past, but that doesn’t mean I won’t venture down that road ever again. I think it means, that when I do decide to venture down the path in order to bring light to dark or unjust aspects of the game to bring awareness and provide support to the topics within the game that need to be explored for the betterment of the game that I will be more than ready to write, more than ready to shine the spotlight exactly where it should be. 

“Less things said, easier mended,” but every once in a while, you have to tell it the way it is. I would like to thank everyone for their continued support on FDS, it means so much to me. 

See you at the rink, 

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