Different Paths, One Shared Goal

Alex Newhook and Dawson Mercer took different paths in the game, but shared a common goal.

Play for your country and make the NHL.

These two proud Newfoundlander’s are proof that you no one path is the better than the other when it comes to reaching your hockey dreams.

Photo Credit The Telagram

Relentless determination, elite level skill and speed, these two highly touted prospects from the Rock play the game eerily similar even though they decided to take different paths in the game.

Far too many times in this day and age, people are quick to judge or criticize a families decision when it comes to picking US College or the QMJHL route.

Obviously, I would have loved watching Newhook play in the Q, but that wasn’t in the cards.

You have to really admire the kid and family for their decision.

Just like you have to admire Mercer and his family for making theirs.

Now isn’t the time to argue for or against each path or route, now is the time to celebrate the accomplishment and sacrifices that these two passionate and highly skilled 1st round NHL Draft picks have made to get to this point in their careers.

This is a massive victory for Newfoundland hockey, but more importantly it’s a massive win for the game.

From now on let’s not be so critical of a player and families decision.

Let’s not jump to conclusions and force judgment, let’s just let things play out naturally and see where it all goes.

Alex Newhook and Dawson Mercer took different paths to end at the same point, with one main goal to win a Gold medal for their country and make it the NHL.

There’s no question they are well on their way.

Different journey, one shared goal.

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