Nadeau 2.0

The Fredericton Caps Twitter Person has definitely had some fun over the past few seasons live tweeting games calling Josh Nadeau “Houdini.”

It seemed like every other tweet had Houdini’s name on it.

Actually it’s a fantastic nickname given Nadeau’s prowess, but there’s a new Houdini in town.

Bradley Nadeau or as their Twitter Person says Houdini 2.0

Bradley Nadeau is forging his own path in the game, but watching this kid play is magical as well.

I’m not a tech person and I don’t play video games, but Nadeau 2.0 has similar “cheat codes” as his older brother.

Photo Credit Telegraph Journal

For those that don’t know, this is the definition of a cheat code

Noun. cheat code (plural cheat codes) (video games) A line of text or series of commands which can be used to change a game’s behavior, alter a character’s looks and abilities, skip levels, or access other hidden features.

Bradley Nadeau like his brother has the ability to make things look very easy. His skill set is next level for sure.

Nadeau 2.0 is a threat every time he’s on the ice because of his abilities with the puck and away from the puck.

You see it’s entrenched in the Nadeau hockey playing DNA to spot the open man, to play the game the right way. There’s no cheat code to the Nadeau’s, it’s their sheer skill and how they process the game that makes it feel at times like they have a massive advantage over their opponents just like a cheat code.

You see Bradley and Josh Nadeau don’t cheat.

Sure they may at times fly the zone, but it’s the right play to make because they are two plays ahead.

Magically somehow the puck appears, there’s no magic to it, sure they are Houdini like because they can get out of tight spaces against all odds, but it’s their creativity and drive that makes them so unique.

Bradley will and has been undoubtedly compared to his older brother all the way through the ranks. Comparisons are sometimes unfair, but just put it this way Bradley Nadeau can flat out play.

His shot and release is very similar, but I think it’s a little heavier than his brother’s was when he was 15.

Bradley Nadeau is stronger on his skates than is brother was at 15 as well.

I can tell you one thing right now. Bradley Nadeau is a game breaker just like his brother.

His talent, compete level and intensity sets him a part from other players.

You see Nadeau 2.0 is on his own path within the game.

Some might say he’s playing in the shadows of brother, but like any newer version they always have their own unique bells and whistles.

In any case it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch Nadeau 1.0 and now Nadeau 2.0 play the game they love.

One can only imagine what 1 on 1 games are like when they lace them up on their outdoor/indoor rink at home.

Man would the Caps Twitter person and I have a field day watching that!

The sky is the limit for Bradley Nadeau.

AKA Houdini 2.0 AKA Nadeau 2.0

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