Lukas Cormier’s Time Will Come

“Keep you chin up,” “You gave it your all,” “You had a great showing.”

Say what your want to say, nothing right now will make Sainte-Marie de Kent’s Lukas Cormier feel better after being one of the last cuts from Canada’s World Junior team.

Cormier had a spectacular Camp, playing inspired hockey amongst Canada’s elite, unfortunately he came up just short in reaching every kids dream of playing for their country.

Everyone knows the World Junior’s is a 19-year-old’s tournament.

There’s no guarantees, but rest assured Lukas Cormier’s time to shine on the national and international stage will come next season.

364 days and counting.

That’s a long time to wait, but it’s going to be well worth the wait for Cormier.

The quiet soft spoken kid from rural NB, won’t take one of those days off.

The ultra talented offensive minded defenceman will come back to the Q with a chip on his shoulder and no doubt turn in an even more dominant performance in second the half than the first for the 1st place Islanders.

The Vegas Golden Knights 3rd rounder is one of the fiercest competitors in the entire league.

Those that know him best understand exactly what’s going to happen next.

Lukas Cormier will get better, he will improve, he will work even harder on and off the ice.

Cormier doesn’t have to prove he’s an elite level defender, because he already is.

Cormier will continue to grow and morph into an extremely versatile two-way presence.

Some players may see this as a set back, but Cormier will use the current disappointment as extra motivation to continue his quest to get to the next level.

Cormier’s constant progression and growth throughout his time in the Q has revealed his passion and unrelenting drive, but more importantly it’s revealed his character.

The latest chapter in Lukas Cormier’s story might be one of temporary disappointment, but the best is yet to come.

“Keep you chin up. You gave it your all. You had a great showing. You should be proud of yourself.”

Don’t worry his time will come.

From adversity and disappointment comes opportunity and triumphant, Lukas Cormier is 364 days away from making Canada’s World Junior team.

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