What About Jared McIsaac?

The much anticipated Moncton Wildcats Training Camp Roster was finally released yesterday.
There were definitely surprises both negatively and positively depending how you look at it.
What bout Jared McIsaac?

Obviously changes can be made to the roster at any time and undoubtedly there will be some massive alterations across the entire QMJHL this year, but for now it appears that McIsaac’s junior career may very well be over or is it?

One of the biggest surprises yesterday was the return of Gabriel Fortier.
Fortier’s return is massive for the Cats on ice product, but his impact off the ice with a young rebuilding team will be truly monumental.
There’s no question as soon as the AHL season starts the outstanding two way forward will jump to the A or will he?
One could say the same thing for a McIsaac return.
Is that in the cards for the Moncton Wildcats?
If the Red Wings second rounder was to come back that could potentially put Wildcats Director of Hockey Operations Ritchie Thibeau in a very difficult spot.
These unprecedented times are the only reason why we are even talking about Gabriel Fortier and Jared McIsaac.
Obviously in any other year these fantastic young players and people would be well on their way to the starting their pro careers in the American Hockey League.
So what about Jared McIsaac?
What are the chances of a possible return?
You have to ask Steve Yzerman that question.
The Red Wings are calling all the shots.
If Yzerman decides a return to junior is the best for his young defensive prospect than McIsaac will make the hour and a half trek from Truor to the Hub City thus making Thibeau’s job five times harder.

If McIsaac returns Thibeau would have to potentially make two very difficult decisions with regards to Cats overage situation if the CHL rule stays status quo.
A CHL rule change allowing four overagers would be amazing for the Cats organization, but it still means one overager would have to be released which is never easy to see.
One would assume the Red Wings scouting and player development staff who actually attended several Wildcats games a season ago will want McIsaac playing as soon as possible given he missed the bulk of last season due to rehabbing a shoulder injury.
Getting more touches and playing massive minutes for at least two months at the junior level could pay dividends for the young blueliner.
It may have been a surprise to see Fortier on the roster, but it was a surprise to see McIsaac’s name left off the list as well.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

The Wildcats could very well keep four overagers and alternate them in and out of the lineup, but that’s highly unlikely because it burns a card each time.
You never know the Wildcats could in fact have Jordan Spence, Tristan De Jong and Jared McIsaac patrolling the blue line come October 1st.
If the AHL season was delayed for some reason could the Tampa Bay Lightning and Detroit Red Wings elect to keep their prospects in the QMJHL for the entire 2020-2021 season?

Photo Credit NHL.com

Could the Wildcats trade Fortier and McIsaac to a contender for a bounty of Draft picks a impact prospects?
The 2020-2021 Moncton Wildcats training camp roster may have been revealed, but it seems there’s more questions than answers right now for the rebuilding organization.

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