Trust, Loyalty and the List

I can’t imagine how difficult it’s been for QMJHL Team Executives to make their 34/36 man Training Camp Rosters amidst these uncertain times.

One can only imagine how tough those phone calls were to make, but one can only speculate how extremely difficult those calls were receive.

It doesn’t matter who or how old the player is, it could be perceived that the door of opportunity has slammed shut.

Clearly that’s not the case for every player, but try to explain that to a kid that had his heart and soul set on cracking a QMJHL roster this season.

Trust and loyalty go a long way in the game, but those two aspects of the relationship between prospects and the organizations will undoubtedly be tested this year and beyond.

One would hope players that do appear on the list understand and appreciate the opportunity and realize that there are tons of other players working their asses off fighting to get a look.

A look you might say, QMJHL organizations will rely more heavily than ever before on their scouting staff to not only scout and project a new crop of prospects, but communicate with their team’s prospects this season given these unprecedented times.

Drafting and developing is quintessential for any organizations success, this year Q teams will definitely put more time and effort in their prospects to ensure they’re ready when their opportunity arises.

Players may not see their name on the Training Camp roster, but they may find themselves on the roster by seasons end.

Never give up hope, never give up on the dream, the opportunity is still there.

Trust and loyalty are important, but never giving up on your dream and showing character and perseverance throughout adversity are some of the intangibles that will pay massive dividends down the road for all these young men.

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