Wildcats Land Another Impact Free Agent From Ontario

To say the Moncton Wildcats have a knack at landing key impact free agents from Ontario would be an understatement.

The Wildcats are 2 for 2 for the last two seasons and look like they might close in on batting a thousand by the beginning of the 2020-2021 season when it comes to the free agent side of things.

Longtime Wildcat scout Ismaël Bilodeau announced the addition of Tyson Tamasini to the teams training camp roster last night.

Photo Credit the Nepean Raiders

“Tyson is a highly skilled player, said Bilodeau.

“He has good speed, he’s the type of player who got caught in a numbers game with Sault St Marie of the OHL,” explained Bilodeau who was instrumental in landing Philippe Daoust and Trista De Jong the past two seasons.

“Tyson deserves a real opportunity with better players to show what he’s capable of,” Bilodeau said.

“He’s got things to work on as every player, but he has ton of tools to work with at this level.”

When “the Rocket” talks free agents people should take notice.

Bilodeau has done a tremendous job identifying and projecting talent from the Junior A ranks in Central Canada.

Having an eye for talent is one thing projecting and setting up players to have success at the major junior ranks is another.

Bilodeau mining talents truly exceptional.

It’s certainly found two diamonds in the rough and it looks like that trend is going to continue for the Cats.

There’s no question skill and hockey sense translates, but Bilodeau’s ability to project those aspects of the game to the next level is truly remarkable.

Sure it took some time for De Jong and Daoust to adjust to the speed of the game in the Q, but once they did they both excelled and found their niche right away.

Tomasini among many others this season are looking to have the large impact on the rebuilding club.


The offensively gifted forward finished second in team scoring with the Neapean Raiders Jr A in the CCHL last season.

Tomasini who just turned 18 in July scored 12 goals and added 27 assists in 55 games for the Raiders a season ago.

Numbers are numbers, it’s the intangibles that these free agent bring to the Moncton Wildcats that are so impactful.

There’s no question the Wildcats will need to find offence now that they find themselves on the downward trend of junior hockey’s dreaded cycle.

It would appear Tomasini has all the makings of a very effective top nine scoring and play making forward.

“I’m very excited to get on the ice and get things started,” said Tomasini.

“I hope to earn a spot and fill a role that will help the team the most,” Tomasini added.

Time will certainly tell, where all the Wildcats free agents fit in. Nevertheless, when Ismaël Bilodeau talks free agents everyone should be intrigued.

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