The Working Man

Words can’t describe how proud I was to see a young junior hockey player walk into the rink today with a pair of work boots on and three or four patches of mud on his face.

Obviously, we talk about hard work and determination all the time in the game, but here’s a kid that has worked his way through the ranks literally with his work boots on every step of the way.

This kid might not be the flashiest player out there, but every single drill you can tell he wants it and there’s something to be said about that.

You see the honest player never gets the credit they deserve.

They never are fully appreciated for the skill set they bring to the rink game in and game out.

You hear it in sports every day that it doesn’t require skill to work hard.

I truly believe that in this day and age, hard work, dedication and taking pride in playing the game the right way are some of the most influential traits players can possess.

You can talk about hard work and dedication all you want, but until you throw the work boots on you will never know what it’s like to fulfill that role in the real world or in the hockey world.

We need those types of players and people now more than ever.

As a scout I’m asked frequently what I look for in a player.

Obviously, I give the standard scouting response. Nevertheless, hard working honest two-way players seem to jump off the page for me.

Maybe I’m too old school when it comes to my thoughts, projections and opinions on the game.

We all see the players coming to the rink in today’s game in their fancy suits and shoes, which is all great, but I’m more concerned what’s behind the all designer clothes and shoes.

You see there’s no substitute for character. There’s no short cut when it comes to the value of hard work in life or the game.

In this day and age I wish more players would bring their work boots to the rink.

As for all the honest players out there, I see and appreciate what you bring to the game.

Keep pushing, keep taking pride in what you do, there’s more people watching you than you might think.

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