What If?

What If?

That question has plagued the hockey world, especially in across the CHL when news first came out about the possible 4th overager being added to rosters for the 2020-2021 season.

If there’s a season?

As of right now many teams are scrambling to put together their training camp rosters.

That’s where the what if scenarios appear to surface for the rebuilding Moncton Wildcats.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis and Hickling Images

What if all their high profile 20’s come back?

What if they are allowed to keep four 20’s and if so, who would they keep?

What if they do come back, would they entertain trading two out of the four players now?

The what if scenarios quickly turn into who and where!

Ok, let’s play the what if game and let’s start on the backend.

What if Jared McIsaac comes back?

There’s a strong sense the Red Wings would want the fantastic two-way rearguard to play as many games this season as he possibly could given his shorten season last year.

One would also assume or speculate that if he does return that Ritchie Thibeau would move him during the trade period.

So does that make trading Jordan Spence a possibility?

What about trading the best defenceman and asset in the league before the season even starts?

What team wouldn’t want Jordan Spence in their lineup, especially if he was guaranteed to be there for the full 60 games.

That’s where things get very interesting.

Would the Charlottetown Islanders be interested in acquiring his services?

The Islanders by my estimation are probably four pieces away from making a strong push to a President Cup.

Could the acquisition of Spence put them over the top from a defensive perspective?

Hell yeah.

What would you do if you were Ritchie Thibeau?

Well that’s pretty simple.

You look to get the best possible return for every single asset and you look to trade two of those players right away.

Perhaps Jordan Spence is homeward bound!

What about Benoit Olivier Groulx?

What team would be looking for his services?

Enter the Gatineau Olympiques!

Yes that’s right.

Groulx could be homeward bound as well.

Does that make sense for an organization with all the young talent in the world?

Hell yeah.

The Olympiques have their young core group all in place.

Could they afford bringing Groulx in until the AHL season starts?

The value of having Groulx part of that franchise would be truly immeasurable in my opinion.

Benoit Olivier Groulx and Jordan Spence could both be homeward bound.

Just think about all the possibilities and what if scenarios. Trust me all the GM’s in the QMJHL are thinking the same way.

There’s a strong possibility the Wildcats could move all of their 20’s by the end of trade period.

Jacob Hudson and Tristan DeJong would be highly sought out assets for any organization especially those on the cusp of a strong President Cup contending team.

All these what if scenarios will happen sooner than later as soon as the CHL announces their intentions.

The what if scenarios are in full effect for the Wildcats and every organization in the QMJHL and across the CHL.

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