RNS, Mount Academy and King’s-Edgehill School To Join Major U-18 Maritime Leagues

Three Maritime based highly competitive prep schools need a place to play this season.

The current travel restrictions and border closures due to the horrific COVID-19 have certainly handcuffed these great programs.

There is a sense that some primarily talks have already occurred between all three Maritime based Major U-18 leagues and the schools potentially allowing them to join for the 2020-2021 campaign.

Obviously quarantine procedures would be strictly followed by each school bringing players in from abroad.

As of right now the Maritime Major U-18 leagues are looking to start their respective seasons in fall, but a December or January start date may perhaps be more realistic given all the uncertainty.

If these prep schools were allowed to join the leagues it would only strengthen the competition, player development and would allow for more games to be played in the Maritime region.

One would be remiss not to mention the elephant in the room.

There could be a massive amount of resistance if these programs were granted permission to play with the leagues for various reasons.

One massive bone of contention for the critics would revolve around playoff time and vying for Provincial Championships.

A rule would likely be set in place restricting those programs from participating in playoffs and those three teams could potentially have their own Maritime Championship tournament.

By early spring those schools could very well be permitted to travel into Québec and Ontario safely.

It’s time to put the best interest of the players first.

It’s time to give these competitive programs an opportunity to be a part of every Maritime Major U-18 league.

It’s time to think outside the box.

It’s time to quiet the critics and make an exception for one year or perhaps more for the sake of the game in this region.

There are so many outstanding hard working hockey minds here in the Maritimes, let’s hope they are working to find the best alternative possible for everyone involved.

One comment

  1. Definitely progressive thinking. Players are absolutely biggest winners. All 3 programs are superb run by exceptional young hockey minds. Maritimes, you have nailed it. The hockey is going to be beyond first class.


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