Wildcats Facing Difficult Decisions Ahead of Training Camp

The Moncton Wildcats had one of the best drafts in franchise history and it would appear that the organization will be confronted with the daunting task of leaving some of their 2020 selections off of their training camp roster.

With all the Wildcats past free agent success one could also speculate that some free agent invitees will also be on the outside looking in.

Graphic Content Moncton Wildcats

It’s too early to predict training camp rosters, but with teams only being allowed to invite thirty four players organizations will now more than like be faced with constructing “ghost rosters” even before they see some players play at that level.

The Cats scouting staff especially those that work the free agent portfolios will no doubt be part of the discussion surrounding “ghost roster” templates and line up projections.

“Ghost rosters” can become a very slippery slope when you are trying to predict future performance from perhaps key free agents and prospects.

At this point one would assume communication between Thibeau and his staff is at all time high.

Thibeau and the rebuilding Wildcats were looking to land key free agents this season to ensure the organizations young talented core group would be insulated.

With the potential new CHL rule change on overagers coming into affect the Wildcats will undoubtedly be looking to land even more draft picks and prospects via the trade route.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t make their decisions any easier.

The Cats could have a plethora of twenty years olds on their training camp roster which would take up critical spots for free agents and prospects on the bubble.

Speaking of bubbles, there’s still some uncertainty regarding the twenty five man roster and how that might look for asset management and movement.

What about schooling and the CEGEP rule?

There’s a strong sense that QMJHL organizations will be all good with regards to that given the fact that many CEGEP’s will have their programs all on line.

If the new CHL rule comes into effect look for the Cats to potentially move

one or two high profile assets before the start of training camp.

The return for critical assets will be higher than ever right now at the prospects of that player playing a full season in the league.

It’s too early to tell what direction Thibeau and the Wildcats will take, but the options are endless for a franchise looking to claw their way back to the top.

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