CHL Overage Decision Could Be A Game Changer for Wildcats

Gabriel Fortier, Jared McIsaac, Benoit Olivier Groulx and Olivier Rodrigue may have another chance to wear a Moncton Wildcat jersey.

Photo Credit Moncton Wildcats

A source revealed Friday night that there’s a possibility the CHL may very well be considering expanding the overage rule to four.

This could be a game changer for the Wildcats on a number of fronts.

Groulx, McIsaac, Fortier and Rodrigue could all be back in play on the trade market or available to play if in fact the season was to start on October 1st as planned.

Obviously, Ritchie Thibeau and his staff would have some very difficult decisions to make roster wise, but it would seem that Groulx, McIsaac and Fortier are more apt to be in play than a Rodrigue return.

Rodrigue’s availability would all depend on the Edmonton Oilers.

It’s pure speculation, but there’s a strong sense that he would probably be held out given his current participation with the Oilers.

That leaves three.

One would assume if the four overagers rule is announced by the CHL that teams will be calling the Wildcats almost instantly.

This scenario undoubtedly favours the Wildcats because they can reap the rewards of going all in a last season.

Obviously, the Cats could hold onto two of these assets and it also opens up a wider market and possible return for Jordan Spence right now at the prospect of having him for a full season.

So hypothetically and purely speculative scenario.

Let’s say the Cats brass decide to move Spence and Groulx now.

They decide to keep Fortier and McIsaac.

Fortier and McIsaac would more than likely jump in January, but you would still have them for close to 30 games to help show the new young talented core the “Wildcat Way”

Now what teams could use Groulx?

Perhaps another young talented hockey club?

Groulx would probably jump in January as well, but you would still have him for 30 games as well.

Nothing is etched in stone right now, but the possibilities are endless for the rebuilding Moncton Wildcats.

I guess the major junior hockey world will now wait to see if and perhaps when the CHL will announce this monumental rule change.

There’s no question this could be a game changer for the Moncton Wildcats.

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