Behind the Mask

No one knows the person behind the mask. Everyone knows the person behind the mask.

That’s what makes their role with the organization so special.

It’s a secret. It’s our secret and we can never tell anyone.

The years have seemed to sail by, but they have are the heart and soul of the game day entertainment for two decades.

There’s talent, showmanship and entertainment value, but there’s always a personal side that very few possess.

You see that’s what makes them one of the best in the business. The person behind the mask transcends the game.

They connect the young fan base like no other.

In essence they are the face of the franchise.

The longtime veteran epitomizes the role and never disappoints.

Always good for a laugh, always entertaining and always there for an personable encounter with young fans.

There timing is truly impeccable!

There’s mascots and then there’s Wild Willie.

Remember it’s our secret. Everyone knows, but no one knows.

The secret lives on in all of us.

Next time your at the Avenir Centre, for a Cats game whenever that might be, take a moment and try to fully appreciate what they have done for the organization, for the game, for the community, but more importantly for the fans for so long.

They are the best in the business.

There’s only one Wild Willie and that’s…………..our secret!

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