CHL Considering Adding An Extra Overager for 2020-2021 Season?

The times they are a changing.

A source revealed today that there’s a possibility that the Canadian Hockey League is considering adding an extra overage roster spot for the 2020-2021 season.

Obviously, there are a number of factors in play with all the uncertainty, but the proposed rule change could be a game changer for many organizations and would also provide signed NHL Prospects a place to play.

With the unknown surrounding the the start dates for the ECHL AHL and NHL, the CHL would be the best case scenario for high profile 19’s and 20’s.

The possible rule change makes perfect sense on so many levels especially with regards to player development.

If the American Hockey League was to start in January 2021, obviously players would have permission to jump ship, but NHL teams may also opt to keep their signed prospects in junior for one final ride.

With final rosters locked in at twenty-five, you could well imagine GM’s of Major Junior teams across the country are scrambling for final conformation.

One would imagine the final decision rests in the hands of the NHL.

With Training Camps set to open in August and teams only being allowed to have thirty-four players attend, teams may have to cancel some free agent invites which is very unfortunate given the circumstances and perhaps not even have late round draft choices attend either.

The Major Junior rule to have rosters locked in at twenty-five could also pose serious issues for asset management and movement.

What are Trade Periods going to look like if teams have their bubble of twenty-five?

No official announcements have been made as of yet, but this could be a monumental decision that will certainly change the face of junior hockey in this country for the upcoming season, if in fact there is a season.

Fingers crossed.

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