St. John’s Mark Rumsey Continues to Show Promise

Mark Rumsey’s journey and early success in the QMJHL shouldn’t be a surprise.

Anyone that has ever seen Rumsey play the game knows he has a very special gift.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

A natural gift, that very few possess.

You see Mark Rumsey has a pro shot and is a natural goal scorer.

The 18 year old sniper has scored at every level and he’s starting to find his stride in the QMJHL.

Hard work, dedication and passion for the game.

That’s Mark Rumsey.

Rumsey’s journey to the Moncton Wildcats and the QMJHL is one of perseverance and persistence. The adversity that has confronted the skilled goal scorer hasn’t defined his path, if anything it’s strengthened his resiliency.

Rumsey played his 1st year of Midget AAA hockey at RNS.

Rumsey put up impressive numbers that season leading to him being drafted by the Wildcats in the 5th round 86th overall in the 2017 QMJHL Entry Draft

Nevertheless, Rumsey’s skating stride and perceived lack of speed was a major concern to many of his critics.

Rumsey came to his second Wildcats Training Camp driven to make the team in 2018.

Rumsey literally fought to make the squad, but unfortunately he was one of the team’s final cuts.

Devastated by not making the team, Rumsey decided to return home last season and play Midget AAA.

A decision that could have been very problematic, and perceived as counterproductive to his development, however Rumsey responded and came to Wildcats Training Camp driven to make the Q and have an impact in the league at 18.

Rumsey has brought energy and grit every time he has stepped on the ice this season for the Cats.

The St John’s, NFLD product took a lot of pride in getting himself in tremendous shape last summer which has drastically helped his progression as a player, but more importantly has helped his skating.

In 25 games this season Rumsey has 6 goals and 8 assists for 14 points in his first foray in the league.

Rumsey’s unconventional path to the Q shouldn’t be overlooked, a matter of fact it should be celebrated.

Mark Rumsey’s persistence and drive is yet another phenomenal example of a player never giving up on his dream.

Like so many others before him Mark Rumsey left home to pursue his dreams in the QMJHL.

Those dreams are starting to come to reality.

Rumsey has the potential to be very impactful scoring forward for years to come in the QMJHL.

However, the big question moving forward remains will the Wildcats be able to keep him in the mix?

Clearly a player like Mark Rumsey is a hot commodity and certainly a player that other organizations would target and covet for a possible trade with the Cats.

Rumsey could provide the Cats with much needed scoring depth on a possible championship run, but there’s no question Rumsey has earned the right to play top six minutes in his brief time in QMJHL.

Time will tell, but there’s no question Mark Rumsey is a player with great promise and one to watch moving forward in the Q.


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