Total Recall

Total Recall

The Moncton Wildcats have called up a lot of players this season.

You could say they have been auditioning their young talent as trade bait, but that’s just not the case.

The Cats were in desperate need of their depth on several occasions this season.

“With injury or suspension, comes great opportunity”

It’s been a next guy up mentality all season long for the Cats and it’s certainly paid dividends.

Several Wildcat Prospects have been injected into the lineup and have flourished.

Nicolas Pavan 9 games Gavin Watt 2 games Jeremie Hebert 2 games Elliot Bergbauer 1 game Julien Breton 4 games Jonathan Desrosiers 10 games Julien Hebert 3 games Issac Wilson 7 games

Julien Hebert on Draft day

Erik MacInnis has also served as the team’s back up goaltender, during Olivier Rodrigue’s absence and will more likely continue to do that until his return.

The Cats made the difficult decision to trade their “goalie of the future” Charles Antoine Lavallée early on during the Trade Period electing for a more veteran presence in the back up role.

The Dakota Lund Cornish era will now begin in the Hub City, it’s most likely the veteran netminder will get the start tonight versus his former team.

Lund Cornish was identified as the best fit for the Cats given their defensive structure and framework.

Depth is critical, it’s everything really when embarking on a championship journey.

It’s clear the Cats have a few prospects that are certainly Q ready as shown by their performances when they got the call this season.

Nonetheless, the burning question remains how many of these players will be available to suit up for the Cats next year given the organizations “all in” mentality this season.

Photo Credit Moncton Wildcats Draft Day

There’s no time like the present for the Cats, but rest assured the team’s brain trust have already identified “untouchable” prospects for the upcoming rebuild.

Hebert, Pavan, Wilson and Breton have been stellar during their call ups this season and show great promise.

Cole Harbour’s Gavin Watt also show great compete level, grit and character during his brief stint with the club.

At the moment the future is very bright for the Cats due in large part to their drafting and developing philosophies, nevertheless that may all change in the next few weeks when the team puts all their cards on the table in effort to build a President Cup and Memorial Cup Champion.

Some prospects will come and go, but when you have a chance to have both trophies on your draft table in June that’s special and that opportunity doesn’t come very often.

The Wildcats embark on their championship journey tonight when they face the Charottetown Islanders, oh yeah they have recalled a few players for tonight’s game as well.

Photo Credit Sports and Moore

Will it be a dream season or a nightmare for the Moncton Wildcats?

Will the 2019-2020 Wildcat season be like Douglas Quaid’s recurring dream/nightmare or just a false memory (Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sci-Fi Hit from 1990) or will it be a ride of a lifetime for Wildcats fans?

Time will tell.

Rest assured fans will have “Total Recall” either way!

Quick Hits

1. In total Wildcat call ups have played in 40 games this season.

2. Out of those 40 games, Wildcat call ups have 7 pts combined

3. Looks like the line of Cyr, McKenna and Pelletier will be reunited tonight!


  1. Hi Craig, great read.
    Do you anticipate any more big moves prior to the deadline like a top 6 forward or a top 4 D or are a few depth moves more likely?


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