Will Daniel Lacroix Bring In a Familiar Face to the Wildcats Coaching Staff?

It’s still unclear if newly hired Wildcats Head Coach Daniel Lacroix will bring “his guy” or “guys” into the fold when he takes over behind the bench.

One would assume if he does decide to bring in anyone into the fold it would be someone with recent Major Junior coaching experience and familiarity.

Those prerequisites certainly add to the intrigue and possible short list.

One would have to look at former Wildcats Interim Head Coach and Asst Coach Josh Hepditch as a front running candidate.

Hepditch and Lacroix have history, with Lacroix having coached Hepditch for three seasons during his previous stint as an Asst Coach with the Cats.

Obviously familiarity and instant chemistry with the team and fellow staff members is critical to any equation when considering a new beginning behind the bench.

Ryan Salvis and Darryl Boyce have done a spectacular job this season and by all accounts are extremely well liked by the players.

If Lacroix brings Hepditch back on board for the second half of the season, one would assume that he would either take over the Video Coaching duties which were formally held by Salvis and Salvis would remain behind the bench.

Time will tell.

There’s always strength in numbers and time will tell if the Wildcats and Lacroix will decide to add another familiar face to the coaching staff.

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