Are the Moncton Wildcats in BIG Trouble?

Are the Moncton Wildcats in big trouble?

The puck hasn’t dropped on the 2019-2020 Quebec Major Junior Hockey League’s regular season and the Wildcats could potentially have massive holes to fill in a year that was suppose to be “the year.”

How did they ever get to this place? Well it’s tough to make a plan when things are out of your control.

June 7, 2019:

The Wildcats hold the 3rd overall selection of the Q Draft, they pull the trigger on a deal to land arguably the best goalie in the league Olivier Rodrigue.

A leap of faith……NO, the first calculated move to build towards a championship season, hell yeah.

The next day the Cats selected arguably the most complete player of the draft, Zachary L’Heureux. At that point on paper the Cats have a Top 6 that can dominant, until the unthinkable.

The First Cut is the Deepest 

July 10, 2019:

The Wildcats lose their top offensive weapon to the pros.

Jeremy McKenna was always part of the plan, the blue print of a championship team.

A pure scorer, a sniper, a game breaker, the one player you just couldn’t let get away.

Oh well you have to control what you can control, but it’s hard to control damage control.

McKenna’s signing changed everything.

It’s changed the Wildcats overage scenario. It’s changed the Wildcats Top 6. It’s changed the Wildcats scoring depth.  It’s changed the Wildcats line combinations. It’s changed the Wildcats specialty teams. It’s changed the Wildcats chemistry. I could keep going, but that might be way too depressing for Wildcat fans.

McKenna’s signing changed everything.

The first cut was the deepest for the organization and it has subsequently made John Torchetti and his staff work harder to modify their championship plan.

The team has addressed some issues and have added skill to their bottom six, but you really can’t replace “The Summerside Sniper.”

Back to the drawing board has taken on an entirely new meaning for the Wildcats.

It should be very interesting to see their next moves given their overage situation, however that situation may just work itself out.

Work itself out or be the next big blow to the organization?

The first cut is the deepest, the second may severe the Moncton Wildcats championship plans all together.

Sign on the Dotted Line

Another intriguing saga confronting the Moncton Wildcats is the future of captain Jonathan Aspirot and fellow overager Mika Cyr.

Aspirot’s progression and development in the Q is stuff that movies are made of.

The defencemen’s journey started as a forward.

Aspirot was the bright light of a devastating rebuilding season.

Night in night out, the kid from Mascouche, Quebec competed, improved and impressed.

When former Wildcats bench boss Darren Rumble finally decided to put Aspirot back at his natural position his career truly blossomed.

Jonathan Aspirot has worked his ass off to get to this point in his career.

So here begins the Wildcats latest dilemma.

Will Jonathan Aspirot sign a pro contract with the Ottawa Senators organization?

Will he sign on the dotted line?

Earlier this summer I heard from a very reliable source that the Senators were very interested in the services of one Jonathan Aspirot and that a contract was going to be offered.

Is Aspirot ready to play in the NHL?

Honestly right now, this moment, I would have to say no, that doesn’t mean he’s never going to get there.

So one can read into what a pro contract may look like for the smooth skating gritty two-way defencemen.

If a contract does come his way it’s likely going to be an American Hockey League deal.

I haven’t got the slightest clue whether the Senators would offer Aspirot a two-way NHL/AHL contract at this point either, all I know is the kid can flat out play the game. Aspirot is passionate about the game, he competes to his fullest ability every time he steps on the ice and clearly the kid is coachable.

Now, who wouldn’t want a player like that in their organization?

It remains to be seen if the twenty-year-old will sign on the dotted line, but one would assume the Senators wouldn’t want to miss out on a player that they have coveted for the past two seasons.

 If the Sens don’t sign him now, who will? 

One would assume that other organizations would jump at the opportunity to sign Aspirot.

Has Jonathan Aspirot earned the rite to decide if he wants to play pro or come back to junior, you bet your ass he has.

Will Jonathan Aspirot sign on the dotted line?

I haven’t got the slightest clue, but if he does the Wildcats will find themselves in BIG trouble!

Oh yeah what about Mika Cyr?

Yes Cyr

Will Mika Cyr sign on the dotted line if given the opportunity? 

One would definitely think so!

Don’t forget Mika Cyr is entering his fifth season of junior hockey.

It’s time.

Has Cyr earned a pro look and opportunity, again you can bet your ass he has.

Mika Cyr has battled through injury, through adversity and to see the kid from New Brunswick skate on NHL preseason ice is truly inspirational.

Cyr isn’t slated to get into the next two preseason games for the Flyers which doesn’t give one the best of feelings that a potential AHL deal is on it’s way. 

Nonetheless, Cyr did get into a scrimmage, but found himself planted on the fourth line.

Mika Cyr isn’t a fourth line player.

So the question remains will Mika Cyr sign on the dotted line?

I haven’t got the slightest clue, but if he does the Wildcats will find themselves in even bigger trouble.

September 16, 2019: 

Are the Moncton Wildcats in big trouble? What’s their next step? What moves will they make? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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