My James Duthie Interview!!

James Duthie

What a week it was for the First Down Sports Podcast!!!

I first reached out to James Duthie on Twitter from there we exchanged contact info and then we started discussing the opportunity of him being a guest on our Podcast. At the time of this communication, he was preparing to head south to cover the Masters and we settled on a date 2 weeks after the tournament. Now look at Duthie’s schedule all the prep work for the Masters, get back to Canada right in time for the NHL playoffs, prepare his own Rubber Boots Podcast plus throw in Easter weekend and yet, He is still taking the time to join our podcast. From the second, I started communicating with James, I was telling Gini, “This is a great guy”!!!

The day of the recording, I had a meeting that day at 2:00 PM and I figured, I had lots of time to get home and be ready to go as he was going to be calling at 6:00 PM Atlantic time, I walked in through the door at 5:10 PM less then an hour and that’s all I needed but my Greyhounds Phil and Phoebe don’t care about James Duthie, they wanted to be fed and let outside and of course they start running with the neighbours’ dogs so I have to give them a good cleaning afterwards. OK all that is finished 20 mins to set up…. We literally get everything in place for the call with minutes to spare…THE PHONE RINGS…When the call came in I could sense a little hesitation as too what is about to happen on his part, after a quick technical fix and a quick introduction to the crew and Gini who really wanted to sit in on the interview, we were ready for my introduction and the scary first question!! Now I had done my homework prior to this interview listening to his Podcast, reading his book The Guy on the Left, as well as watching years of TSN programming, I had a good idea of who I was about to interview BUT I also realize that I am about to interview James Duthie who has interviewed Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemiuex, and the list goes on of TOP TIER Athletes/Celebrities …. I am really setting myself up for failure here not even 1 year of holding interviews with guests….

So here we go, I tell him how fascinating his story telling ability is and ask him where he learned the art of story telling….RESPONSE, “That’s a great question, I don’t believe I have been asked that question before” BOOOOM We were rolling…

As the interview went on I could not help but look over to my wife Gini and see the smile and excitement on her face as she is a big fan and she also listens to all his podcasts, I would not be on this call hosting this interview without her.

At the end of the interview, I had to take a pause for a quick reflection of what just happened…. All I can tell you is James Duthie is one of the most genuine people I have ever spoke to…He took the time plus gave us a little extra to answer not only our question but make a personal connection to the point I felt I had been talking to this guy for 20 plus years!!

I think that’s a Canadian thing, its got to be, here is one of the most famous sports personalities in Canada taking the time to call into our show here in Moncton, NB, wish us much success, and offer to come back in the future.

All I can say is … It was a real honor and pleasure getting the opportunity to interview James and getting to know more about him as a person!!

Thanks AGAIN James Duthie!!


Written by: Wray Dunn – Host of First Down Sports Podcast

Visit to find the link of this interview

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