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Its been awhile since I have posted a blog as I have been tied up in a 6 week transition to a new gig in real life!! First off, I cant believe its July 5th, do you realize that the NFL teams report to camp usually around July 26-27th, which is only a few weeks away. This is always the time of year that I can’t wait for September to roll around but at the same time I want to slow things down as I love my golf and my weekends…..As a CIS Football official, I am gone every Saturday to one of our Maritime Universities to work a game. Our last show was really interesting as I was asked about rules in Canadian Football, I love talking rules of the game and provide details that most fans, players, as well as coaches don’t realize how rules are called or applied on the field. At the same time being an official there are a couple exams that must be written before the season to test our rules knowledge and for the first time, I just cant seem to pick up the Rule Book and work on these…I am sure my motivation will change as the season gets a little closer as really there is nothing better than being on the field with these athletes whether its High School, University, or the younger local Peewee division. Back to the NFL, what I love about this time of year is that my team the Buffalo Bills are tied for first with lots of hope heading into the new season as well as everyone’s teams. You hear all kinds of stories right now about who won the off season and who lost….. in the end it all means nothing until these teams step on to the field.  You will have hosts of talk shows on ESPN, Fox, CBS, etc tell you who is going to do this and who is going to fail and they are all grasping at straws. The great things about our podcast is that we are just local JOES with everyday opinions and when you tune in your getting just that our opinion on sports. We have many plans heading into the NFL season and our 2nd year as a podcast…… wow I will tackle my thoughts on that at a later time for now enjoy the rest of your summer and Keep an Eye out on our page for something special for the British Open in a couple weeks!!

Wray Dunn – Host

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