Wray Perkin Interview

Wray PerkinI recently had a chance to interview Wray Perkin from Sackville, NB…First off, this is the first “W”ray that I have met outside of my father and grandfather face to face, now I have seen Wray Morrison with TSN in Saskatchewan but not anywhere else. It was interesting to hear his “W” story as it has been a name I have always been proud to have as you do not see it very often, even if I spent my whole life of people razzing me calling me Way, Wwwwray, W—Ray… you get the point!! I personally think they have all been jealous in life because their name wasn’t WChris, WMike, WJack!!!

Back to Wray Perkin, from the second, I met him coming to my home studio, I knew right away this was a great guy (He is a kid to me), very well spoken, very polite, and a true New Brunswicker!! One thing was very clear in meeting Wray, he has a HUGE passion for football, and that is not a surprise coming from Sackville, NB. I started officiating football in 2006, and I have never seen such a small town so BIG on the sport of football, whether you’re at a Tantramar High School game or a Mount A University game, the fans in Sackville are full of passion. As an official, I love hearing the feedback from the crowd whether they are agreeing with your call or very loudly letting you know they disagree with it.

So many young kids and parents think that you have to be a superstar in order to make it to the professional levels, in talking to Wray his passion for the game of football and being apart of the game is what took him to levels that most wouldn’t even think of achieving, from helping out with coaching at the minor level, to working as an equipment manager at Mount A…he pushed hard by contacting players, and teams in the CFL to get the opportunity to land a position with the current Grey Cup Champions the Ottawa Redblacks.

There is no question that if you want to make it to the pros it is going to be very hard work, dedication, and lots of focus. It is those qualities that landed Wray the position at the pro level with many more achievements to follow, I am sure.

Thanks again “W”ray for taking the time to come on First Down Sports Podcast and you have an open seat anytime you get back to Moncton!!

Wray Dunn
Host and Creator

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