Crazy Offseason


Go back 2 years ago… And ask yourself if Jay Culter, Colin Kaepernick, or Adrian Peterson were free agents… they wont last long on the market right!!! Now back to present time these 3 still have no contract while Denver and Houston wait it out for Tony Romo!! Who knows when that train is going to come to a stop as Jerry Jones has made this situation into a huge mess… My guess is once the Romo decision is finalized then you will see the loser of that sweepstakes look to Kaepernick, Cutler, or possibly RG3.

On a positive note Kiko Alonso signed a 3 year deal with Miami…I always liked Kiko too bad he got injured in his rookie season…3rd NFL team in 4 years and hopefully he finds stability with Miami although  I would still love to see him play for Buffalo!!

The draft is officially 1 month away, your going to be hearing alot of prospects names dropped over the next couple weeks…many with great college stats but until they play a down in the NFL regular season those stats mean nothing… Just ask Tim Tebow, Ryan Leaf, Derek Carr…..and so on.

Enjoy last few weeks of free agency!

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