Firing of Rex Ryan


Here is my (Wray Dunn) first BLOG on First Down Sports:
I have been getting numerous requests to hear from Wray or First Down Sports on the firing of Rex Ryan…We will have our last podcast of 2016 tomorrow which I will spend a little time talking about but due to all the other subjects I will not have much time on the subject plus you guys are sick of hearing about Bills updates!! So here it goes ….. I wanted Rex Ryan to be successful when he came to the Bills, when he was the head coach of the NY Jets, I never missed one of his press conferences as I have always been entertained by him. So when he came to the Bills, I was very excited and loved the fact that he wasn’t going to shy away about the fact the Patriots need to be target #1 as they have been the best team since 2002. 2016 has been a tough year as a Bills fan with all the injuries and some inconsistent play from Tyrod Taylor QB, plus the Defense that was so good in 2014 under Jim Schwartz has really gone down hill with better talent. When they brought in Rob Ryan…… I thought to myself the Ryan Circus is officially here which is a term I heard often from Jets fans. After watching the Miami game on Saturday, I am 100% confident in saying Rex should be and only be a Def. Coordinator, he is not a head coach, and I probably should of come to that conclusion quicker but again I am a fan of his so it is tough. Word from Sal Capaccio and Joe Buscaglia who are the two best Bills beat writers in Buffalo in my opinion have discussed, Rex had a meeting with Pegula today and requested that if he was going to be let go at the end of the season to just get it over with today so that he could at least see his son play for Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl on Saturday, so Pegula pulled the trigger. I am sad to see Rex go and for the Bills to have to restart yet again!! It’s been a tough 16 years as a Buffalo Bills fan and at some point I want to see this team in the playoffs before I am dead!! So the best thing for the Bills organization is to let him go but now its up to Doug Whaley the GM to go out and find the right guy as coach..It could be Anthony Lynn -OC but I want Whaley to explore all options as this team has got alot of talent and with the right fit they could be challenging in 2017!! At least it gives me a great subject to talk about in the offseason on the Podcast!! One thing I have learned in this process as I heard an excellent interview today is some of these big reporters with CBS, ESPN, and the NFL network, have no clue what they are reporting on, as they all are in a rush to get their opinions out and throw the word SOURCE on it to make it look credible on the surface but it’s often only their opinion that they are reporting. Luckily with First Down Sports, we are honest with you in the fact all we are discussing is our opinion on sports and soon we will be able to hear yours as well!!! Stay tuned!! See how I gave what you asked and then plugged the show at the same time!!! Hah

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