Lost In Translation

Lost in Translation

Translate: A move from one place or condition to another

What’s the ultimate goal for any gifted player?

Obviously, it’s to play at the highest level possible. Nevertheless, their talents might not translate to the next level for variety of reasons.

Photo Credit CTV

Everyone would just assume, that if the player is lighting it up and excelling at the lower level that once they find their way at the next level they will do the exact same thing.

Clearly that’s what scouts make their living off of, but realistically a lot of young players have their hopes dashed or don’t have the same impact at the next level because they perceive their one dimensional skill set to be enough.

They honestly believe that they don’t have to refine their talents or style play because it’s good enough as is.

That’s where the sense of entitlement enters the equation.

If you bank on the stat line at the lower level as the ultimate measuring stick to future performance at the next level you might be in for a rude awakening.

You have to go a lot deeper, it’s how the player or players in question are scoring goals or acquiring points that matters most. That’s why honest players usually have earlier success than the most skill one dimensional players at the next level.

Obviously, if the top players are dominating physically so be it, if they are playing with a talented line mate that feeds them the puck all the time than so be it, but if they are racking up the points from the perimeter or playing against lesser competition then you really have to wonder if it will translate.

From a scouting perspective, you have to ask yourself these questions.

Does the player cheat? Do they know how to play a sound defensive two-way game? Do they know their way around their own zone? Do they know how to forecheck or kill penalties? Do they block shots, do they take hits to make a play? Do they back check or just change when they lose the puck in an offensive battle in the offensive zone? Do they know how to pass the puck? Do they know how to support the puck and puck carrier?

Now the answer to those questions is, can they or are they willing to do all those things.

Clearly every player that has been taught the game knows how to do those things, but can they and will they do all those things at the next level?

That’s where things might not translate and that’s why some players won’t move on and if they do their talents won’t translate because they aren’t ready.

That’s where their coaches have to hold them accountable and promote no shortcuts in their development.

Case in point, Player A might the top point getter on their team and the teams top penalty killer, but do they cheat offensively when they kill penalties? If the answer is yes than do the coaches hold them accountable? The obvious answer to that question is No!

That’s the problem and that’s exactly why they will struggle and that their “game” won’t translate to the next level.

Everyone wants to know why that player or this player isn’t having success at the next level. Well it starts a long time before that by taking shortcuts and having no one correct them. Oh, in case you’re wondering that’s where the entitlement starts and everything gets lost in translation.

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