In the Shadows

In the Shadows
Preston Lounsbury has never been a highly touted can’t miss prospect. He has never really craved the attention or spotlight, a matter of fact he’s done his best work in the shadows.
Lounsbury is flourishing right now in the QMJHL with the Moncton Wildcats due in large part to his path in the game. The current success the Salisbury, New Brunswick product is experiencing is drawing attention from NHL scouts.
His relentless effort, consistency, versatility and commitment to playing the game the right way are his strongest attributes.
It’s not all about racking up the points, it’s all about putting in an honest, highly effective and efficient two-way game that makes Lounsbury a solid bet at playing the game at higher level and potentially getting drafted.
It’s extremely difficult for players that have grown up playing in the shadows to get opportunities to impress at higher levels within the game. Preston Lounsbury earned every opportunity that has ever came his way within the game. Young players in the shadows have to prove their worth and value at every turn, unfortunately that still might not be enough for some.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Those in the shadows are often overlooked or harshly criticized for any perceived shortcomings they may possess.
Resiliency and an unwavering drive to succeed galvanize these type of players. They find success through sheer determination, competitive spirit and a will to be the best they can be that is truly unmatched.
It’s a pretty improbable journey for a player that wasn’t on the radar of many teams two years ago before the QMJHL draft.
Lounsbury initially wasn’t ranked very high on many scouting lists and finished as a “B” Ranked Prospect on the QMJHL Central Scouting CSR’s Final Draft List.
It’s all about projecting when it comes to assessing a players full potential especially those that play in the shadows.
The Wildcats jumped at a chance to draft Lounsbury in the 4th round of the 2020 QMJHL Entry Draft.
It definitely took some time for Lounsbury to get accustom to being a “regular” at the QMJHL level as it does for any young 17 year old kid stepping into a higher level for the first time. He has surpassed the “regular” status in the line up for the Wildcats and has found himself playing within their top 6 at times due to injuries and is a staple within the top 9 at both forward positions. From “regular” to “key contributor” to “impact player”, the best is yet to come.
With adversity comes opportunity. Like many “in the shadows” players Lounsbury was more than ready to step into any role within the Cats lineup due in large part to intangibles he possesses as a player and person.
Of course Lounsbury still needs to refine his game in certain areas to reach his full potential at the CHL and beyond. Many of those refinements are well documented, but it’s Lounsbury’s progression and growth in those areas that’s so noteworthy.
His puck skills, play in traffic and pace in which he plays the game with and without the puck are better
by leaps and bounds every time he steps on the ice.
Scouts and fans alike should appreciate, value and never overlook young prospects applying their craft, developing and excelling in the shadows.


  1. Great kid from a beauty family. Talented AND wears the work boots…always has. Great to see P doing well and turning heads.


  2. This is a great article showing that all players have great potential.. Preston is by far one of the nicest young men I have ever met and went on my school bus


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