Out of Nowhere

Every year there seems to be a player(s) that comes out of nowhere to surprise or shock those around the game. The people that really know the player aren’t shocked or surprised in anyway. They have always known it was just a matter of time for said player to fully blossom and come into their own.

In many cases the player in question usually flourishes because they were finally given an opportunity and a role. You can call them late bloomers or call them whatever the hell you want, but very few actually know how hard they have worked or how good they could be.

Some players have dreamed about having an equal and fair opportunity their entire lives.

It’s their moment to shine on the biggest stage.

It seems like they have come out of nowhere, but they have been there the entire time.

All of the hard work, passion and dedication to their craft is finally starting to be valued and appreciated.

Many of these players have flown under the radar for their entire journey.

They have been the stay at home defenceman or the honest energy driving forward. They have been the solid two-way player, or the backup netminder that grew a little, but became a little more confident.

Everyone loves an underdog or coming of age story. Many of those kind of stories start with an unwavering passion, love and dedication for the game.

The dream becomes possible because of an opportunity.

From out of nowhere to the spotlight and the centre of attention.

It’s great to see these players finally get the recognition and appreciation they deserve and have worked so diligently for.

Here’s to all the players that are supposedly coming “out of nowhere” only you, your family and your closest friend know what you have done to earn this shot, opportunity and success. Never back down and keep showing them what you got.

A breakout season, is just the accumulation of all of the hard work that players have done behind the scenes when no one is watching.

Out of nowhere or to be expected, you decide.

Stories like these happen every year all over the hockey world at every level imaginable. Stories like these and they are a perfect example and a great reminder to never underestimate, doubt or count a player out.

One hockey lifer and longtime scout once told me that “every player is a prospect, until they decide they are not.”

Who are you watching?

Who do you think the next breakout prospect will be?

Trust me they aren’t coming out of nowhere they are just ready to become who they always wanted and believed to be.

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