Could You Imagine?

Could you imagine telling a young aspiring player that they shouldn’t bother trying out for a team because they won’t make it anyway. Could you imagine telling a young player they aren’t good enough to make it months before the selection process?

What would go through that kid’s mind? Why would any adult tell a young aspiring capable player not to tryout or at least give it a shot? Whether the player is ready or not, why would anyone tell them not to go and test their skills against the next level.

What were the adult’s intentions?

To save the kid from the embarrassment? Were they trying to protect the kid from getting hurt?Were they just trying to be honest and upfront with the kid?

Maybe they had the best intentions in the world for that kid, but what toll would that have on the kid, their psyche and future path in the game. Sure, in the adult’s mind they may not be “ready” but why not let the kid experience that for themselves and to see where they really are versus other kids their age at the next level. How would have that adult reacted if they had an adult in their lives tell them that they weren’t good enough?

How would they have reacted to that at a similar age? Could you imagine?

Every adult around the game or life in general should be mindful of what they say or how they talk to kids. Intentions often get lost in messaging.

Words and actions can have a massive impact both negatively and positively. The toll it takes is seldomly ever fully known. Choose your words and actions wisely, they can impact the trajectory of the player and person more than you ever know.

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