No Clue

Some corporations, organizations and people just have no clue.

Could you imagine having a “corporate” performance review and being told that all of your hard work and dedication to your craft over the years isn’t cutting it even though you have poured every ounce of your heart and soul into it.

It’s incredible to think that this kind of thing still happens, but it does.

Could you imagine telling young aspiring players/athletes the same thing?

Could you imagine telling the hardest working kid on the team that their “effort” isn’t good enough?

Devaluing an individual is the quickest way to ruin their passion and love for their sport, role on the team or job.

In this day and age, people, organizations and corporations are clueless when it comes to value.

What do they value?

They probably have no clue what they value, because they have their heads in the clouds when it comes to dealing with people.

Could you imagine being a journalist covering a multitude of stories and absolutely working your arse off producing quality content at an alarming pace only to be told that it’s not good enough and that’s it’s never been good enough. Imagine being that writer, but imagine being that young athlete being told the exact same thing. Imagine how destructive that would be on all aspects of a person’s life.

All of the hard work, dedication, perseverance and persistence thrown out the window by people that have no clue how to properly evaluate, appreciate and value talent.

Could you imagine being a bottom six heart and soul team first guy, energy player, penalty killer, shot blocker, hard nose nasty to play against forward being told that you’re not giving enough to the team.

Value is value, and people in positions to know how important that truly is, really have no clue.

In this day and age it seems the people “ie leaders” that should know how to respect and value athletes or anyone’s job for that matter are incredibly quick to criticize, put down, belittle and devalue rather than providing productive positive feedback and praise.

You see they just have no clue.

I wonder how many people in every walk of life are told by their superiors, bosses, supervisors, teachers and coaches, thank you?

How many people feel valued?

How many people were given positive feedback or praise this year?

All of the best leaders, corporations, and organizations value their people more than others, that’s what makes them so successful, that’s what makes them incredibly unique.

One would think such a small act as saying thank you and valuing each and every employee or player and what they bring to their role would be the first prerequisite to any leadership role, but it’s certainly not.

Some people just have no clue when it comes to what matters most.

Are you valued?

Have you been thanked or praised lately for what you bring to your job or role on the team?

I wonder how some coaches supervisors, leaders corporations or organizations would answer those questions if they were slightly reworded.

Do you value your players or employees?

How often do you praise or recognize your players or employees for their individual and team contributions?

All of the best leaders, corporations and organizations are light years ahead of their competition when it comes to valuing and treating their clientele better.

I wonder how many people or athletes have lost their passion and love for their sport or job because of this?

I wonder how many people or athletes are struggling from a mental health perspective because of not being valued?

Such an easy concept to grasp, but yet some people just have no clue.

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