“It’s All About Content”

In the past, I’ve been criticized for thanking people that have helped me along the way on my social media platforms. I really don’t know why being grateful is wrong or inappropriate. I guess it’s all about perception. This isn’t about me, this about saying thank you to someone that was instrumental in providing me with direction.

A few years back I was at a crossroads, I was searching for answers, searching for guidance and advice.

I was trying to navigate around, the following concept.

“How do I showcase my work, without appearing to self-promote?”

I asked that question to family and friends, I received some amazing advice that continues to shape my journey in writing and broadcasting.

One of the best answers came from a person that I have respected since the first time I met him almost two decades ago when I coached his daughter.

I will never forget his insight and advice.

“It’s all about content Craig, if you have good content, people will follow along, it’s all about the content.”

Whenever, I sit down to write something or get ready to go on camera, that phrase is in the back of my mind.

Thank you Bill, for the amazing advice and support. You have no idea how reassuring and inspiring your words were during that time.

Thank you Bill and Happy Birthday!

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