Driven: (of a person) relentlessly compelled by the need to accomplish a goal; very hard-working and ambitious.

Driven perfectly describes Noah Matulu.

Three short years ago Matulu and his brother Joachim played in the Eastern Conference High School Hockey League. Sadly many people believe high school hockey signals the end of the road. For Noah and Joachim Matulu it was just the beginning.

Photo Credit Normand Leger

Matulu’s story of perseverance and persistence should be celebrated and should serve as a great reminder to every young aspiring player that it doesn’t matter where you play that if you’re driven and have the right mindset you can accomplish anything within the game of hockey.

Three years ago before choosing the high school route Matulu was released by the Moncton Flyers. His older brother was also cut by the organization on two separate occasions. Joachim Matulu decided to play for the Northern Moose of the NB/PEI Major Midget AAA League at 15.

The Matulu’s chose to tryout for the Flyers after an excellent season at the high school level and ultimately made the team. As they say the rest is history.

Joachim was signed by the Moncton Wildcats as a free agent last season and appeared in few games for the organization.

Determination and dedication to the game of hockey is deeply engrained in the Matulu brothers DNA.

Noah Matulu was the driving force behind the Moncton Flyers Provincial Championship a season ago. His efforts certainly caught the attention of QMJHL scouts. With adversity comes opportunity and did Noah Matulu ever take advantage of his.

When Flyers 1st line center Luke Patterson went down to injury in Game 1 of the Provincial Finals, Flyers Head Coach John Decorsey decided to move Noah Matulu up the lineup. Matulu was able to showcase his gritty, skilled 200 ft game which became a phenomenal storyline for the series. Matulu’s confidence soared in his new role with the team.

All some young players need is an opportunity. Many of those players are prepared to take full advantage of it because of their work ethic and dedication to the craft. Unfortunately, those opportunities don’t always come their way.

You see Noah Matulu has earned every opportunity in the game. He has fought and clawed his way to the QMJHL.

The Rimouski Oceanic organization have a knack at signing tremendously impactful free agents.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Matulu was invited to camp and added to their protected list rather quickly during the summer months.

Serge Beausoliel and his scouting staff continue to make fantastic decisions when it comes to identifying players that can help the organization in the present and future.

Matulu was also selected 7th overall by the Edmundston Blizzard of the Maritime Hockey League in June’s entry draft.

In 2 games at the Junior A level the highly skilled versatile forward has a goal and an assist. All signs pointed to Matulu playing in the MHL this season, but the decision was made to return to the Flyers for another championship run and a potential run for the TELUS Cup.

Matulu’s game continues to evolve, as he has played the bulk of the 2021-2022 campaign on the wing. Nevertheless, the 17 year old is a natural center that possesses great edge control, agility and vision. His puck skills and ability to create time and space in traffic will certainly translate to the next level. His release continues to improve and at the Midget level is purely lethal. It’s his determination and compete level that continues to be a difference maker and sets him apart from many players in the U-18 AAA league.

Free agents signees come and go. Many players are added and subsequently removed from protected lists all of the time in the QMJHL. Once again with adversity, comes opportunity for Noah Matulu.

As reported the Oceanic have been hit hard by COVID-19 with as many as 12 players in protocol.

The call to action went out for Matulu as the organization is preparing to play a series of games this weekend.

Noah Matulu’s childhood dream to play in the QMJHL is about to come true.

It’s truly an inspirational story if you look at all the stops a long the way, but this isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning.

You see all players like Noah Matulu need is one opportunity to prove they belong.

That opportunity might be with the Oceanic or it might be with another organization, but it will definitely come to a player like Matulu.

Free agents like Matulu often need one break, one person, a scout or an organization to believe in them.

Say what you want to say, but Noah Matulu has pro potential. Some people may strongly disagree with my evaluation and assessment, but the growth I’ve seen in his game over the years is on a very intriguing trajectory.

It doesn’t matter where you played, it’s all about the present, the next opportunity to showcase your talents.

Some aspiring players/ free agents are driven to prove people wrong, some are driven to prove people right.

For Noah Matulu it’s all about proving it to himself that he belongs in the QMJHL, which he does.

Driven perfectly describes Noah Matulu, don’t believe me, just watch and you will see.

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