Whispers of Change

“Where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

Coaching changes happen, it’s part of the game, it’s part of every sport.

Coaches are hired to be fired, but why do rumours and speculation always seep out first, why not be transparent, upfront and direct?

Does this revolve around the culture of the game and why aren’t organizations more transparent when it comes to changing their coaching staff?

Is it to protect the coach and individuals privacy or is it a stall tactic for the organization to get their new hires in place.

You see everything starts with whispers of change, which grow into rumours, speculation and eventually fact.

The blueprint of a coaching change is pretty clear, yet incredibly complex


It all comes down to communication and messaging or in many ways controlling the messaging.

If we have learned anything within the hockey world news of a coaching change or any addition or subtraction from an organization has to be calculated and well timed, but the wording and phrasing is always the same when it eventually surfaces.

“We would like to thank _________for their dedication and efforts to the organization.”

Whispers of change or just the way everyone does business. Welcome to the hockey world, where the business side meets the personal side quite frequently, which really sucks when they do.

A few weeks ago, I tweeted out the following.

Looking back on it now, I regret the timing of the tweet and some of the wording, but within minutes I had several messages from sources asking me what was up. I guess the purpose of the tweet was to showcase the harsh reality of the coaching business. You can do an amazing job and really reach players and people and still be let go. It’s a complicated and confusing world, but everyone that’s in it understands that, but it doesn’t make it easier when something drastic happens.

The business side of the game isn’t always fair and the whispers of change are always lurking.

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