The Blueprint to a Coaching Change

Sometimes you just need a change. A change of voice can change the trajectory and future of a team and organization.

When is the right time? Who is the right person for the job? Why didn’t things work out? What’s the make up of the room? How would a change benefit the team in the present and long term?

There’s a lot that goes into making a change, but usually the writing is on the wall, but it’s usually in the details.

Coaches that are struggling usually have players that are struggling with confidence, but it’s a vicious cycle.

Obviously, there’s no true blueprint to a coaching change and some happen out of the blue, but some are very predictable. It’s easy to see when a team isn’t playing for its coach. It’s difficult to see the lead up to that, but is it ever clear when it does start happening.

Usually it starts with the role players or the heart and soul of the team, it’s continues to get complicated when the coach sees it and tries everything in their power to fix it.

That usually happens by putting lines in a blender or by trying to change things up.

What seem like subtle changes are seismic throughout the room.

The rifts those decisions bring are the first signs that a change needs to be made.

The core leadership group and veterans can only salvage and protect the coach for so long after the craters start.

Another tell tale sign a different voice is required usually has its roots in overachievement. High expectations after a great start usually keep the team flying high, but look out for the lows. Look out for a coach that tries to yell or constantly correct rather than reasoning and teaching. Those coaches find themselves on the hot seat almost instantly when things start to unravel.

The support from ownership and management can only last for so long.

Enter the coach that knows they are close to being let go. The coach that realizes they are on the hot seat react two ways, they coach their heart out or they make a rash of mind blowing decisions to create a shock and awe campaign almost to say, “look I’m trying everything here.”

The beginning of the end is in sight when you see and observe this trend.

The blueprint to a coaching change can be complex or very simplistic, either way it always seems to happen eventually.

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