It May Never Change

I love the game, but hate the culture. It’s pretty bad when people are scared to voice their legitimate concerns in the hockey world in fear of the potential impact it may have.

Things need to drastically change, but more importantly the unwritten archaic code needs to change or be removed completely.

You see that’s the issue, it never will change, because there’s still people in power within the game that have the “old school” mentality cemented as part of their brand.

It’s unacceptable really, but it continues because everyone in the game is scared, actually their petrified that their comments will drastically impact their son or daughter’s future in the game.

You know what, their probably right.

That’s the saddest aspect of all of this. As people ascend within the hockey world they enter a vortex of secrecy which has to protected and upheld at all cost.

You see their fear is real.

When I say “their” it means players and parents alike. Hell you could throw coaches in their as well. I’m sure some coaches want to be more transparent, but can’t voice their concerns in fear of being reprimanded by the board, association, board of governors or ownership. Hockey culture is galvanized. It’s heavily protected from within.

Some organization’s outer layers might appear to be changing, but if you drill down deep the code still exists, still influences and still prevails.

Some organizations hide behind their cultural shortcomings by calling the business side, while others decide to take the tough, but correct approach by becoming more progressive and forward thinking.

The organizations that become transparent and take care of the person first and the player second will win a hell of a lot more on and off the ice. That’s how you build success, that’s how build a champion in this era.

It’s great to receive messages from sources, particularly this one that is pretty damn inspirational in my opinion.

“You seem to have a knack for bringing awareness to tough topics.”

“Your posts seem to be more humane which is why I reached out.”

When I first joined FDS and created the #InFocus platform, I wanted to go deeper, I wanted to discuss and bring light to subjects within the game that might not necessarily be always talked about. I don’t mind being a small voice for potential change within the game I love.

I was always taught to respect the game and try to leave it in a better place and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.

This isn’t about me, but I find it fascinating that complete strangers reach out thanking me for bringing the issues to the forefront. They are scared to talk, scared to retweet, scared to share. That’s the hockey world, that’s it’s culture.

I love the game, but I hate the damn culture.

Everyone in the game needs to be more aware, more accepting and innovative.

We all play a part in making the game a better place even though the archaic framework and culture is still in place.

Every time someone speaks, writes or showcases the dark side of the game a change or shift is made.

In no way is it near quick enough, but it’s still moving.

Forward is forward, even though so many still believe in being backward when it comes the game and its archaic code of silence and horrific culture.

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  1. Well written. Hockey Cadada had created a Mission Statement exercise in 1990 That was intended to be intended be to be implemented in it’s coach certification programs. It lipped through the cracks. Had it been implemented your article would not be as necessary today. Coaches would be able to create a culture that provides perspective to to teach the life skills contributing success on and off the ice. This will have a positive impact on society.


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